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It’s about the dream of second chances,” he says finally. He hasn’t raised his eyes from the paper on his desk and I feel him looking at me without looking when he uses his grandfather’s words. “The narrator doesn’t respect the beauty of life and the world around her, so it crushes her into the ground and once she’s dead, she realizes everything she took for granted and didn’t see right in front of her while she was alive. She’s begging for another chance to live again so she can appreciate it this time.” “And does she get that chance?” she asks Josh while I desperately focus on the poster of literary terms on the wall and wait for absolution. When it comes, I barely hear it. “She does.

Katja Millay


Unlimited goodwill. Suspension of the compulsive anxiety complex. The beautiful "character" unfolds. All of those present become comically iridescent. At the same time one is pervaded by their aura.

Walter Benjamin

#protocols #walter-benjamin #beauty

Captivated by youth and beauty, and that appearance of good humour which youth and beauty generally give

Seth Grahame-Smith


I cut an inch off of every straw I see, just to make the world suck a little less.

Jarod Kintz

#change #chivalrous #hope #miserable #misery

But I’ve kept first of March as my birthday as I like to tease Zed about dating an older woman. And my parents wouldn’t understand if I told them about the soulfinder bond and tried to change it.” “They don’t know?” “Well, I think they’ve picked up that there’s something special between Zed and me but I’m not sure how I’d even start to explain to non-savants. I was exactly overjoyed when Zed filled me in about it all the first time.” “What did you do?” “Thumped him with a shopping bag and told him he was a jerk.” “Ouch.

Joss Stirling

#phee #phoenix #sky #stealing-phoenix #zed

If you really want to be totally accurate about it, the day that really changed Abby's life wasn't the day she discovered her power. It was the day Ben sang to her in the Telekinesis lab.

David Pogue

#abby-carnelia #ben #singing #change

Life is all about change. We constantly transform all our life. Struggle is nothing more than a signal and confirmation of the needed changes that are ahead of us on the road of our lives

Timothy Pina

#inspirational #change

Empower children lives and they will be able to change the world!

Timothy Pina

#legend-of-the-peace-panda #change

As Long As You Have Life...You Have More Chances. Chances For Change That Will Help You Turn Your Life Around For The Better. Stand Up For Your Chances!

Timothy Pina

#inspirational #legend-of-the-peace-panda #change

Gandhi once said be the change you want to see in the world. Truth is...we must rise above our problems in our lives to contribute positive energy to humanity to do so. When we overcome painful situations and give back to help others...we not only help ourselves but help better humanity in the process.

Timothy Pina

#inspirational #legend-of-the-peace-panda #change

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