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I wrestled futilely, then relaxed as a vine wrapped three times around my throat and squeezed. Right," I choked out, and shut my eyes. "I'll wait here, then.

Rachel Caine

#rachel-caine #thin-air #humor

I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be believed.

John McCain

#mccain-lies #political #humor

The rain battered the cottage. Valkyrie risked a look up at Skulduggery. “What is it?” she whispered. “It’s a box,” he whispered back. “What kind of box?” “A wooden one.” She gave him a look.

Derek Landy

#death-bringer #skulduggery-pleasant #valkyrie-cain #death

Do you imagine that they're going to issue me a citation...what was your name again?" "Still Eve." "No, I'm sure it's something else. That doesn't seem right.

Rachel Caine

#eve-rosser #morganville-vampires #myrnin #rachel-caine #imagination

Sii la mia schiava d’amore,” I purr. Her expression is guarded. “What did you say?” An amused smile pulls at my lips. “I’ll never tell.” Somehow, I don’t think she’d agree to be my love slave anyway.”—Luc Cain (p. 148)

Lisa Desrochers

#luc-cain #love

Oliver: Fear is the natural state of anything that dies.

Rachel Caine

#last-breath #morganville-vampires #oliver #rachel-caine #nature

Hannah: What's your plan? Claire: Go get him Hannah: Honey, that is not a plan. That's what we in the military call an objective.

Rachel Caine

#hannah #morganville-vampires #rachel-caine #military

She was almost at the top of the steps, and Shane was right behind her, when she heard Myrnin say, in a quiet voice that was like the old Myrnin, the one she actually liked, "I'm sorry, Claire. I never meant - I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't know... I don't know what I am thinking. I wish... I wish things could be like they were before.

Rachel Caine

#ghost-town #morganville-vampires #myrnin #rachel-caine #vampire

Gabriel. This has to be his fault, somehow. I'm going to track him down, pluck out his angel feathers, and stuff a pillow with them.

Lisa Desrochers

#luc-cain #demons

I walk up right behind Frannie, where she’s sitting near the door, in time to hear her say, “You know what, Tay? Go to Hell,” and I smile, because I think it’s cute that she’s inviting her friends along.”—Luc Cain (p. 36)

Lisa Desrochers

#personal-demons #cute

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