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The fact that you don't feel Him [God] holding you doesn't change the fact that He still is.

Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman

#church #dave-coleman #wayne-jacobsen #change

When I began listening to saxophones, I was first attracted to Coleman Hawkins.

Gerry Mulligan

#began #coleman #first #hawkins #i

Life is too short for half-hearted connections and meaningless run-throughs.

Karen Kingsbury

#cody-coleman #karen-kingsbury #life

They'd had fun, for sure. They laughed and enjoyed being together. But if she was painfully honest with herself, something was missing. Something in the way Tim looked at her. She remembered her mom's word. "I saw the way he looked at you...he adores you." Maybe that was it. Tim looked at her on a surface level. He smiled and seemed happy to see her. But When Cody looked at her, there were no layers left, nothing her didn't reveal, nothing he couldn't see. He didn't really look at her so much as he looked into her. To the deepest, most real places in her heart and soul.

Karen Kingsbury

#cody-coleman #love #love

He wished he had feelings for Andi, wanted to be interested in her...But there were 10 quick reasons why he wasn't interested. The biggest: Bailey Flanigan. He could hear her laugh from across the room. He sighed, and it felt like it came from the basement of his soul.

Karen Kingsbury

#cody-coleman #love #love

In this outward and physical ceremony we attest once again to the inner and spiritual strength of our Nation. As my high school teacher, Miss Julia Coleman, used to say: 'We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.'

Jimmy Carter

#adjust #again #attest #ceremony #changing

Many Americans first fell in love with the poetry of the thirteenth century teacher and spiritual leader Jelalludin Rumi during the early 1990s when the unparalleled lyrical grace, philosophical brilliance, and spiritual daring of his work took modern Western readers completely by surprise. The impact of its soulful beauty and the depth of its profound humanity were so intense that they reportedly prompted numerous individuals to spontaneously compose poetry.


#americans #beauty #coleman-barks #famous-poets #humanity

I love Ornette Coleman. I love Don Cherry. I love the way those guys play.

Lou Reed

#coleman #guys #i #i love #love

It’s hard not to empathize with the mayor’s anger, given the injustices he’d suffered, but righteous anger rarely leads to wise policy.

Edward L. Glaeser

#coleman-young #detroit #injustice #policy #wisdom

Stop looking for your better half! You need to be whole to attract your better whole, if you expect to have a flourishing relationship.

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

#dating #goody-box #humor #inspirational #marriage

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