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Listen up, Nic," she said firmly, looking straight into his gray-blue eyes. "If you die on me out here, so help me I'll hold seances and pester you. I won't give you a moment's peace in the hereafter," she threatened in a fierce whisper. Gabrielle O'Hara, River of Dreams

Sharon K. Garner

#brazil #contemporary #rain-forest #romance #romantic-adventure

It was her. No one had eyes like that. Eyes as pure as the sky on a fresh, wintery morning. Ones that sucked him in and refused to let go. No one had her touch. Feather light and warm. A touch that sizzled his insides and brought him to his knees. And no one had that pure, simple, cherry-vanilla scent. The sweetness that was only her, like she was a dessert made just for him. To lick, nibble, and enjoy.

Justine Dell

#hot #long-lost-love #love-story #romance #dreams

Xavier had thought he was in paradise before. He’d been wrong. Sophia was more than paradise. She was the very reason he breathed.

Justine Dell

#love-story #reuinion #romance #dreams

He shivered beneath her touch, and his jaw clenched. It pleased her. Her longing rose to the surface, and an unfamiliar emotion overcame her. It swam beneath her skin, lighting little flickers of recognition. It was the same heat—the same feeling—that had made her run the night before. Not this time, though. This time she would own it. Embrace it. Ride it. Enjoy it.

Justine Dell

#love-story #reuinion #romance #dreams

Outside, the sunlight had turned pale lemon, but the studio remained cool. The white walls and white-tiled splashback behind the sink were made more clinical by the metal tables which looked as if they’d originally been intended for use in an operating theatre. Even though they were laid out with brushes and paints rather than forceps and retractors, the effect was equally daunting; both sets of tools could open you up in strange and unexpected ways.

Christine Stovell

#paintings #romantic-comedy #equality

Staring over him in the dim light of a side lamp, my tired eyes traced along the path of faint, yet emerging, lines etched around his equally-tired eyes. They'd become a permanent reminder of his ever-smiling face, and I wished–even after all of these years together-that I could absorb some of his contentment.

Jodi LaPalm

#romance #equality

Dempseys are never in trouble. We just have stretches of life that are more interesting than others.

Jennifer Crusie

#trouble #life

Be careful who you choose as your friends because their bad habits can become your bad habits. Choose wisely...we all have a choice in life.

Mimi Jenkins

#adversity #contemporary-romance #faith-battle #fiction #inspirational

I promise to keep my hands to myself. I'm too exhausted to make a move on you.

Faith Sullivan

#new-adult #new-adult-contemporary-romance #new-adult-fiction #new-adult-lit #new-adult-romance

I always fantasized about having a girl stand on my bar like in that movie Coyote Ugly, but I never thought it would happen.

Faith Sullivan

#new-adult-contemporary-romance #new-adult-fiction #new-adult-lit #new-adult-romance #faith

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