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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #cream

How long until you have to go...reap?" I whispered as my arms slid around his neck. Like we were dancing. Only we weren't moving, and there was no music. "Don't know. Don't care." "Won't you get in trouble if you miss something?" "See my previous answer.

Rachel Vincent

#soul-screamers #tod #music

It's not the dead even. They're gone. Nothing you can do about that. It's what's left behind - the echo. These woods you're walking through. There are some old timers who think a sound echoes here forever. Makes sense when you think about it. That Billingham kid. I'm sure he screamed. He screams, it echoes, just bounces back and forth, the sound getting smaller and smaller, but never entirely disappearing. Like a part of his is still calling out, even now.

Harlan Coben

#murders #scream #death

Most nightmares are caged in their realm by implausibilities. The sleeper slogs through quicksand in a fun house of frightening nonsense and disjointed mumbo jumbo. But everything’s all better once the bedside lamp is back on, because reality, even when it’s bad, is easily distinguished from night terror. Except for the trying-to-scream dream. That one’s pretty much spot-on.

Jamie Mason

#night-terrors #nightmares #scream #terror #dreams

I want everyone to throw sugar and cream at each other, then lie about it. I want to attend an ice cream antisocial.

Benson Bruno

#humor #ice-cream #funny

This one is called "Chunky Munky".' Nadia stopped with the spoon halfway to her mouth. 'But isn´t a monkey a small chattering Earth creature that lives in trees?' she asked faintly. 'Are ... are you telling me I´m eating chunks of its flesh?' 'Ugh.' Sophia shivered. 'What a thought! The poor monkeys!' Nadia felt ill. 'Is that why this stuff is called 'I Scream?' Because the animal screams when they make it into dessert?

Evangeline Anderson

#ice-cream #humor

Hazel screamed at the top of her lungs, but it was a scream of delight. For the first time in her life-in her two lives-she felt absolutely unstoppable.

Rick Riordan

#hazel-levesque #life #scream #life

Okay, if this is what falling in love feels like, someone please kill me now. (Not literally, overzealous readers.) But it was all too much—too much emotion, too much happiness, too much longing, perhaps too much ice cream…

James Patterson

#feelings #happiness #happy #ice-cream #ice-cream-is-love

The face disappeared and before she stopped screaming she was surrounded. Danny reached her [car] door yelling. I saw them go that way," he indicted by pointing.

Judith-Victoria Douglas


Sabine gestured to him with the half-eaten crust. "I like him. Not sure why he's wasting his time with the pole dancer, though." Tod laughed out loud and I groaned. "Sophie takes ballet and jazz. She's not a pole dancer." "There's more money in pole dancing," Sabine insisted.

Rachel Vincent

#luca #sabine #sophie #soul-screamers #tod

If your arteries are good, eat more ice cream. If they are bad, drink more red wine. Proceed thusly.

Sandra Byrd

#health #humor #ice-cream #motivation #wine

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