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We need to avoid the caretaker," I said. "Good thinking. Overalls and the smell of bleach don't really do it for me." "Remind me to douse some overalls in bleach and wear them the next time I see you." "Planning out next date already? Steady. I want to take this slowly.

C. Gray

#marshall #my-heart-be-damned #dating

Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.

Richard M. Nixon

#goddamned #good #helluva #people #politics

But I also slaughtered you real mother and father. In a moment of mad rage, I took their lives and left you an orphan. If you choose to take my life as a payment for theirs, you will be within your rights and no vampire will hold it against you. Pass judgment on me, Gavner Purl, and let your hand rise or fall as destiny decides it must." -Larten Crepsley

Darren Shan

#larten-crepsely #palace-of-the-damned #vampires #life

Who was that?" Sam asked as we walked out of the photo hut. "I work with him. It's cool," I said, rubbing my arm absentmindedly. "He seems like an ass." Mercy laughed. "But a cute one. And he has a cute one too. You're lucky he's all into you, Amerie. I say go for it." I shot her a look. "You'd tell me to go for a psycho murderer, if he was cute." "Meh. Life's short.

C. Gray

#my-heart-be-damned #life

I love you,' Marius whispered suddenly, passionately as a mortal man might. 'I have always loved you. I wish that I could believe in anything other than love at this moment; but I can’t.

Anne Rice


After slipping on a negligee and making herself comfortable on the lounge, she became conscious that she was miserable and that the tears were rolling down her cheeks. She wondered if they were the tears of self-pity, and tried resolutely not to cry, but this existence without hope, without happiness, oppressed her, and she kept shaking her head from side to side, her mouth drawn down tremulously in the corners, as though she were denying the assertion made by some one, somewhere. She did not know that this gesture of hers was years older than history, that, for a hundred generations of men, intolerable and persistent grief has offered that gesture, of denial, of protest, of bewilderment, to something more profound, more powerful than the God made in the image of man, and before which that God, did he exist, would be equally impotent. It is a truth set at the heart of tragedy that this force never explains, never answers - this force intangible as air, more definite than death.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


I've always looked on criticism as a sort of envious tribute.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

#envy #jealousy #the-beautiful-and-damned #tribute #beauty

If there are damned souls in Hell, it is because men blind themselves.

E.A. Bucchianeri

#blindness #blindness-of-man #damnation #damned #faust

My hips bristle with totems and talismans, proof that I am not simply a character in a fixed book or film. I am no single narrative. As neither Rebecca de Winter nor Jane Eyre, I am free to revise my story, to reinvent myself, my world, at any given moment. Advancing beside Archer, I am resplendent in my savage finery of seized power. In my service charge the collected blackguards of a dozen tyrants now dispatched to a lesser oblivion. My fingers, stained crimson with the blood of despots, are not the fingers which paged through the paper lives of helpless romantic heroines. No more am I a passive damsel who waits for circumstance to decide her fate; now have I become the scalawag, the swashbuckler, the Heathcliff of my dreams bent on rescuing myself. For now do I embody all the traits I had so hoped to find in Goran. Meaning: No longer am I limited.

Chuck Palahniuk

#damned #dreams

Hope is something really tough and tenacious you have to give up. It’s an addiction to break.

Chuck Palahniuk

#fiction #addiction

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