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John Cheever

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I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss—you can’t do it alone.

— John Cheever


For lovers, touch is metamorphosis. All the parts of their bodies seem to change, and they seem to become something different and better.

— John Cheever


Fiction is art and art is the triumph over chaos… to celebrate a world that lies spread out around us like a bewildering and stupendous dream.

— John Cheever

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I write to make sense of my life." -John Cheever, quoted in _Cheever - A Life_ (2009) by Blake Bailey

— John Cheever


She was his potchke, his fleutchke, his notchke, his motchke, his everything that the speech of St. Botolphs left unexpressed. She was his little, little squirrel.

— John Cheever


Literature has been the salvation of the damned, literature has inspired and guided lovers, routed despair and can perhaps in this case save the world.

— John Cheever

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I can't write without a reader. It's precisely like a kiss - you can't do it alone.

— John Cheever

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Art is the triumph over chaos.

— John Cheever

#chaos #over #triumph

Fiction is experimentation; when it ceases to be that, it ceases to be fiction.

— John Cheever

#experimentation #fiction

Homesickness is nothing. Fifty percent of the people in the world are homesick all the time.

— John Cheever

#fifty #fifty percent #homesick #homesickness #nothing

About John Cheever

John Cheever Quotes

Did you know about John Cheever?

" Cheever's son Benjamin was born on May 4 1948. Cheever spent the summer of 1934 at Yaddo which would serve as a second home for much of his life.

Botolphs in the Wapshot novels) characterized by abiding cultural traditions and a profound sense of community as opposed to the alienating nomadism of modern suburbia. A compilation of his short stories The Stories of John Cheever won the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and a National Book Critics Circle Award and its first paperback edition won a 1981 National Book Award.

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