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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #darling

Here's something I've learned from seventeen years of living: there's nothing you can do to make someone love you.

Katherine Easer

#vicious-little-darlings #love

Creep up and tell me that you, you love me more each time you, look into my eyes.

Tegan Quin

#creep-up-and-tell-me #if-it-was-you #look-into-my-eyes #sara-quin #tegan-and-sara

Treat your kid like a darling for the first five years. For the next five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown up children are your best friends.


#by the time #children #darling #first #five

Baseball was the darling of all sports back then.

Marion Motley

#baseball #darling #sports #then

We had maybe the greatest success of any company that I know of in Paris, and after two or three years I wanted to do this same number that we did for PBS, so we did it and Paris had always considered us their darlings.

Katherine Dunham

#always #any #company #considered #darlings

I need to be more in the moment, like when I was wet and wild in the waves. Being in the moment—right now!—equals freedom. It can't be scrutinized, analyzed, rhapsodized, mythologized. It can't be desecrated, debated, prognosticated. Right now can only be lived. Isn't this the same message I tried to get across to the kiddies in the lecture that got me fired? Isn't this the same advice Gladdie gave me right before she died? Why is it that the most fundamental life lesson—LIVE!—is the one I continually forget to put into practice?

Megan McCafferty


I always think I'm the Tom Cruise of music - a lot of success and fans, but no critics, darling.

Jon Bon Jovi

#critics #cruise #darling #fans #i

Well, I think it's possible to love someone and still be curious about someone else. And I think you should be able to act on that impulse without impunity. But in our society, where monogamy rules despite all the evidence that it doesn't work, a person is demonized for wanting to break from that traditional model of relationships. I think you can love someone, truly love someone, and still be drawn to someone else. Enough to want to kiss that other person, just to see what it would be like. Or maybe to help confirm that what you've got is better than what else is out there. Because isn't the desire alone a form of betrayal? So what further harm does it do to put those thoughts into action? Ideally, you would be able just to go back to the person you love after you've kissed that other person and discovered it wasn't as interesting as you thought it would be, which I would imagine would be the case most of the time. And in the event that itis unexpectedly amazing, isn't it better to have experienced that moment of bliss rather than imagine what it could have been like?

Megan McCafferty


Darling! Had they darlinged each other when they were here? I imagined them, magnificent on horseback, tossing darlings to and fro.

Franny Billingsley

#humor #imagination

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