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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #dublin

250,000 people turned up in Dublin to cheer me on an open-topped bus along O'Connell St after my world title winning fight in 1985. I'll never forget the sea of smiling faces that greeted me that day.

Barry McGuigan

#along #bus #cheer #day #dublin

I sure love Ireland. The first trip I ever made was last year when I did this record in Dublin.

Michael W. Smith

#dublin #ever #first #i #ireland

Dublin university contains the cream of Ireland: Rich and thick.

Samuel Beckett

#cream #dublin #ireland #rich #thick

Sometimes words aren't needed for you to know a change has come upon you.

Samantha Young


I turned to face him, knowing in him, I'd find the temporary cure. "Do you want to fuck it out?" Braden smiled slowly, bemused, causing another twist of attraction in my gut. "Fuck it out?" "All the bullshit. What she did. What he did. Every soulless bitch that wanted something from you" His expression changed immediately, becoming hard, unfathomable, as he took a step towards me. "Are you saying you don't want anything from me?" "I want this. I want our arrangement. I want you..." I sucked in a breath, feeling my control slip. "... to fuck it out of me.

Samantha Young

#jocelyn #on-dublin-street #samantha-young #sexy #change

...I live in Ireland every day in a drizzly dream of a Dublin walk...

John Geddes

#dreams #drizzly #dublin #ireland #rain

Once the rain starts falling it’s hard to tell it to stop. I guess it stops in its own time. My tears, like the rain, kept falling as I made my way home through blurry vision. In truth it’s difficult to describe a broken heart. All I know is that unimaginable pain centers in your chest and radiates out, this throbbing, sharp ache that causes almost incapacitation. But there’s more than the ache. Denial lodges itself in your throat, and that lump is its own kind of pain. The affliction of heartbreak can also be found in a knot in your stomach. The knot contracts and expands, contracts and expands, until you’re pretty sure you’re not going to be able to hold down the vomit.

Samantha Young


Our eyes collided as heat rushed up my arm. The tingling between my legs intensified, the need in my gut moaned with want. All I could see was Braden, all I could smell was Braden, and his body was so close I imagined I could almost feel all of his hard strength pressing against me. Right then I wanted nothing more than to pull him into the ladies restroom and let him screw me hard against the wall.

Samantha Young

#dublin-street #joss #imagination

Oh so i was right last night then. Unlike me, she has your love.

Samantha Young

#jocelyn-butler #on-dublin-street #samantha-young #love

My heart is quite calm now. I will go back.

James Joyce

#ireland #james-joyce #artists

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