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Roddy Doyle

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One day at a time, sweet Jesus. Whoever wrote that one hadn’t a clue. A day is a fuckin’ eternity

— Roddy Doyle


It’s the only thing sexier than a sexy woman. A sexy woman cooking fuckin’ sausages.

— Roddy Doyle

#sexy-humor #humor

I was the ref. I was the ref they didn’t know about. Deaf and dumb. Invisible as a wall. I wanted no one to win

— Roddy Doyle

#divorce-separation-children #age

Do ghosts drink tea? They don't, said Tansey. But this ghost would love to see a cup of tea in front of her. It'd be lovely.

— Roddy Doyle

#tea #love

I like naming characters.

— Roddy Doyle

#i #like #naming

I see people in terms of dialogue and I believe that people are their talk.

— Roddy Doyle

#dialogue #i #i believe #i believe that #i see

I do enjoy Gothic fiction or books about zombies if they are well written and I like vampires.

— Roddy Doyle

#books #enjoy #fiction #gothic #i

I write short stories when a little idea occurs to me, that I know isn't a part of a novel that will stand by itself and should be concentrated.

— Roddy Doyle

#i #i write #idea #itself #know

I had to make sure I kept an eye on the real world.

— Roddy Doyle

#had #i #kept #make #real

I wouldn't go out of my way to experience the indignity of middle-age just because it might be good meat for a story.

— Roddy Doyle

#experience #go #good #i #indignity

About Roddy Doyle

Roddy Doyle Quotes

Did you know about Roddy Doyle?

Doyle was awarded the Man Booker Prize in 1993 for his novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. In addition to writing Doyle along with Seán Love establiRoddy Doyled a creative writing centre "Fighting Words" which opened in Dublin in January 2009. He has also engaged in local causes including signing a petition supporting journalist Suzanne Breen who faced gaol for refusing to divulge her sources in court and joining a protest against an attempt by Dublin City Council to construct 9 ft-high barriers which would interfere with one of his favourite views.

Several of his books have been made into successful films beginning with The Commitments in 1991. Doyle was awarded the Man Booker Prize in 1993 for his novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Doyle's work is set primarily in Ireland especially working-class Dublin and is notable for its heavy use of dialogue written in slang and Irish English dialect.

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