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Robert Graves

Read through the most famous quotes from Robert Graves

There's no money in poetry, but there's no poetry in money, either.

— Robert Graves


I was thinking, "So, I’m Emperor, am I? What nonsense! But at least I'll be able to make people read my books now.

— Robert Graves

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There’s no money in poetry, but there’s no poetry in money, either

— Robert Graves

#poets #money

Wakeful they lie.

— Robert Graves


About this business of being a gentleman: I paid so heavily for the fourteen years of my gentleman’s education that I feel entitled, now and then, to get some sort of return.

— Robert Graves

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A remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he is really very good in spite of all the people who say he is very good.

— Robert Graves

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A well chosen anthology is a complete dispensary of medicine for the more common mental disorders, and may be used as much for prevention as cure.

— Robert Graves

#chosen #common #complete #cure #disorders

Anthropologists are a connecting link between poets and scientists; though their field-work among primitive peoples has often made them forget the language of science.

— Robert Graves

#anthropologists #between #connecting #forget #language

Genius not only diagnoses the situation but supplies the answers.

— Robert Graves

#genius #only #situation #supplies

If there's no money in poetry, neither is there poetry in money.

— Robert Graves

#neither #poetry

About Robert Graves

Robert Graves Quotes

Did you know about Robert Graves?

During his long life he produced more than 140 works. Robert von Ranke Graves (also known as Robert Ranke Graves and most commonly Robert Graves) (24 July 1895 – 7 December 1985) was an English poet scholar/translator/writer of antiquity specializing in Classical Greece and Rome and novelist.

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