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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #dug

I love design-based stuff. I dug it in 'Pleasantville' and dug it in 'Seabiscuit.'

Gary Ross

#i #i love #love #stuff

The American soldier is quick in adapting himself to a new mode of living. Outfits which have been here only three days have dug vast networks of ditches three feet deep in the bare brown earth. They have rigged up a light here and there with a storage battery.

Ernie Pyle

#american #bare #battery #been #brown

Scapegrace leaped up. “I am the Killer Supreme! I make murder into an art form!” Skulduggery hit him again and Scapegrace did a little twirl before falling.

Derek Landy

#scapegrace #skulduggery #twirl #art

He had to keep busy; he had to keep moving so that the sinews connected behind his eyes did not slip loose and spin his eyes to the interior of his skull where the scenes waited for him.

Leslie Marmon Silko

#move #sinews #skullduggery-pleasant #business

Valkyrie made a face. "Bloody vampires." Ryan sat forward. "That was a vampire? That guy who looked like an accountant?" "We don't talk about vampires," Skulduggery warned. "But it was daytime. How could he have been out during the-" "We don't talk about vampires!" Valkyrie said sharply. Ryan shrunk back. "Sorry," he said. "Don't worry about it," Skulduggery told him. "Valkyrie used to date a vampire that's all." "We didn't date ," Valkyrie said immediately. Skulduggery held a hand up. "I'm not judging." Valkyrie scowled.

Derek Landy

#ryan #skulduggery-pleasant #valkyrie-cain #vampires #dating

The sparrow flies south for the winter.

Derek Landy


Look, this is all very, very weird. Why are you focusing on rumours and urban legends? You haven’t even asked me any normal questions.” “Normal questions? Like what?” “Like, I don’t know, like if Lynch had any enemies.” “Did Lynch have any enemies?” “Well, not that I know of, no.” “Then there really was no point in me asking that, was there? Unless you wanted to distract me. You didn’t want to distract me, did you, Kenny?” “No, that’s not—” “Are you playing a game with me, Kenny?” “I don’t know what you’re—” Inspector Me leaned forward. “Did you kill him?” “No!” “It’d be OK if you did.” Kenny recoiled, horrified. “How would that be OK?” “Well,” Me said, “maybe not

Derek Landy

#normal #skulduggery-pleasant #urban-legends #weird #death

It would be fun," Skullduggery nodded. "I like kicking Wreath in the face. I haven't had a chance to do it nearly as much as i'd like.

Derek Landy

#humour #skullduggery-pleasant #death

Of course I want to kill you," said Skulduggery. "I want to kill most people. But then where would I be? In a field of dead people with no one to talk to.

Derek Landy

#death #dialogue #field #humour #nobody-to-talk-to

Oh, escape is easy once you have the right plan.' 'Do we have the right plan?' 'Not yet.' 'Do we have any plan?' 'Not yet.

Derek Landy


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