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I knew you were behind the tapestry,” he said. “I also knew the railing was about to give way. I was waiting for you, waiting for your fall.” Waiting all my life for you, he added silently, waiting all my life for you to fall in love with me.

Elizabeth Elliott

#elizabeth-elliott #the-dark-knight #life

yes. Menace and danger, That's what passion is-dangerous love-love that put you at risk, that gets a hold of you and makes you do things you wouldn't normally do. It's the only love worth having..

Elliot Mabeuse

#elliot-mabeuse #love #passion #love

I don't know you very well, and i'm almost afraid to know you better. Maybe i love you because i don't know you. Maybe if i knew what you were really like and what you wanted out of life and what you think is important, I wouldn't care for you at all and that would be the end of this.

Elliot Mabeuse

#elliot-mabeuse #knowing-a-person #love #life

My favorite color is you.

Suzanne Brockmann

#favorite-color #love #romance #stephen-diaz #love

A man must at times be hard as nails: willing to face up to the truth about himself, and about the woman he loves, refusing compromise when compromise is wrong. But he must also be tender. No weapon will breach the armor of a woman's resentment like tenderness.

Elisabeth Elliot

#manhood #relationships #tenderness #love

Aye, Claudia. You are mine, and I protect what is mine. Our children will never know the fear you have lived with all these years." He brushed his thumb across her lower lip. "In time I will make you forget your fears and replace them with smiles. I want sleepy smiles when you wake up in my arms each morning. Sensual smiles when you arouse my passions at night. Playful smiles when you tell me I am pigheaded in my business ventures." He kissed the corners of her mouth, gentle, undemanding kisses that melted her resistance. "That is one of the reasons I would marry you, sweetheart. Your smiles make me feel things I have never felt before. They are as addictive as a fine wine, and just as rare. I want them all.

Elizabeth Elliott

#elizabeth-elliott #guy #business

In Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada has at last produced a political leader worthy of assassination.

Irving Layton

#canada #elliott #last #leader #pierre

Most people would say they love animals, but the reality is, if your using animals for food, clothing, or entertainment, you're only considering the lives of certain animals, typically those of cats and dogs.

Melisser Elliott

#melisser-elliott #vegan #beauty

Abruptly, Elliot startles us all by standing and pulling his chair back so it scrapes across the tile floor. All eyes turn to him. He gazes down at Kate for one moment and then drops to one knee beside her. Oh. My. God. He reaches for her hand, and silence settles like a blanket over the entire restaurant as everyone stops eating, stops talking, stops walking, and stares. "My beautiful Kate, I love you. Your grace, your beauty, and your fiery spirit have no equal, and you have captured my heart. Spend your life with me. Marry me." Holy shit!

E.L. James

#anastasia #e-l-james #elliot #engagement #fifty-shades

As calls rang out the world over for new treaties and organizations to be established with the intent of preventing future wars, America and her allies took a more realistic approach to the problem—we maintained allied military bases across Europe and Asia and we stationed troops in these foreign territories on a permanent basis. We weren’t invaders or conquerors and for sure we had no intention of being an empire. We were liberators. That’s all. But having fought and sacrificed so much and for so long, the pragmatic thing to do was to follow this simple philosophy: it’s great to have dialogue, it just works a lot better when you have a strong military strategically placed and ready to act around the globe.

Tucker Elliot

#dodds #education #military #schools #students

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