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Jane's stories are too sensible. Then Diana puts too much murders into hers. She says most of the time she doesn't know what to do with the people so she kills the off to get rid of them." -Anne Shirley

L.M. Montgomery

#friends #humor #reading #humor

Dad" I pleaded, "this is so [cuss word you never, ever say in front of your mother] ridiculous.

Jennifer Echols

#humor #jennifer-echols #romance #summer #humor

Have you ever felt really close to someone? So close that you can't understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins?

Nancy Garden

#love #soulmate #love

This act of total surrender is not merely a fantastic intellectual and mystical gamble; it is something much more serious. It is an act of love for this unseen person, who, in the very gift of love by which we surrender ourselves to his reality also makes his presence known to us.

Thomas Merton


I've just vowed my love for you. Have you nothing to say in return?" Duncan asked. "Thank you, husband.

Julie Garwood

#humor #julie-garwood #romance #humor

I hated that the soldier doll had my name. I mean, please. I didn't play with him much. He was another Christmas present from my clueless grandparents. One time when they were visiting, my grandpa asked me if G.I. Joe had been in any wars lately. I said, "No, but he and Ken got married last week." Every Christmas since then, my grandparents have sent me a check.

James Howe

#homosexuality #humor #humor

From quiet homes and first beginning, Out to the undiscovered ends, There's nothing worth the wear of winning, But laughter and the love of friends.

Hilaire Belloc - Verses

#poetry #love

I got bored," he says. "Besides, you know what's creepier than walking around your dead brothers' apartment? Sitting alone in a hearse in front of his apartment.

Holly Black

#dark #friends #humor #humor

I like your boyfriend," Dahra said. "Not many guys volunteer to carry ten gallons of diarrhea and vomit." Lana laughed. "He's not my boyfriend." "Yeah, well, he can be mine if he wants to be. He's cute. And he carries crap.

Michael Grant

#gone #humor #michael-grant #plague #humor

How about "diamonds are a girl's best friends"? Nope. It should be switched around and pointed out, instead, that your best friends are diamonds.

Gina Barreca

#friendship #humor #friendship

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