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you should change your Password" "not exactly a priority so I haven't got'round to it" "I'll do it for you"I offered. His arms gave me a squeeze and he grinned. "What'll you chose?" before I could stop my mouth from forming the words, I said "Shebitchfromhell666

Kristen Ashley

#the-gamble #change

The experience taught him [Salvador Allende] too late that a system cannot be changed from the government but from the power.

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

#chile #government #power #change

You can make change or it can make YOU. Change is to keep us on our toes. Change is to make us look more closely. What doesn't change are the arms you use to hug with. Those stay the same.

Kyo Maclear

#friendship #hugs #inspirational #life #mister-flux

You know," she had said, "I believe we are all given at least one moment in our lives when the world reveals itself to us, in all its workings. We comprehend everything at once, and then forget almost all of it a second later, because none of us could hold it all in our heads. But we are changed afterward," shaking her head, "in a most profound way.

Brian Francis Slattery


When people talk about the good old days, I say to people, 'It's not the days that are old, it's you that's old.' I hate the good old days. What is important is that today is good.

Karl Lagerfeld

#nostalgia #trends #age

it’s important to make sure that we’re talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds." - Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President

Barack Obama

#friendship #healing #communication

When two people respect each other, the ability to be vulnerable and to reveal hurt feelings can create a powerful emotional connection that is the source of real intimacy and friendship.

David Burns

#emotion #feelings #friendship #intimacy #relationships

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.

Phyllis Theroux

#go #good #good way #heart #letter

Honesty is a fine foundation from which to build upon; for if one was to really know what another thinks and how they feel…they would surely treat each other differently

Jeremy Aldana

#friendship #honesty #life #communication

In good company there is never such discourse between two, across the table, as takes place when you leave them alone. In good company, the individuals merge their egotism into a social soul exactly coextensive with the several consciousnesses there present. No partialities of friend to friend, no fondnesses of brother to sister, of wife to husband, are there pertinent, but quite otherwise. Only he may then speak who can sail on the common thought of the party, and not poorly limited to his own. Now this convention, which good sense demands, destroys the high freedom of great conversation, which requires an absolute running of two souls into one.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

#conversation #friendship #communication

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