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Umberto Guidoni

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Also we will be carrying food and clothes for the Expedition Two crew. And as well as spare parts for the EVA that will be conducted from the station in the following months.

— Umberto Guidoni

#carrying #clothes #conducted #crew #eva

And just when we were at the end of our design process there was the news that the Italian government and the U.S. government had signed an agreement to fly the first Italian astronaut on that flight.

— Umberto Guidoni

#astronaut #design #end #first #flight

And since Italy was involved in the space station as well as signed an agreement with NASA. And when the possibility to enter the 1996 Mission Specialist class.

— Umberto Guidoni

#class #enter #involved #italy #mission

And so, I will be probably, since I am not involved in all the activity, I will have some spare time to devote to document all this busy part of the flight.

— Umberto Guidoni

#am #busy #devote #document #flight

And the first flight of the tether satellite happened in '92, and I was the backup on that flight.

— Umberto Guidoni

#first #flight #happened #i #satellite

And then I graduate two years later, in 1998, with my class. And, since then I've been here in Houston for training basically. And I was very happy to be assigned to this mission.

— Umberto Guidoni

#basically #been #class #graduate #happy

And then my chance really happened in 1996 when we added the second flight of the tether satellite.

— Umberto Guidoni

#chance #flight #happened #really #satellite

At that point, there will be the handover between the shuttle arm and the station arm so that the shuttle arm will take the cradle and put it into the cargo bay.

— Umberto Guidoni

#bay #between #cargo #cradle #into

But, what we need to get out of the first EVA is to have the arm completely unfolded and powered so that they can keep the temperature under control. That will really the call of the first EVA.

— Umberto Guidoni

#call #completely #control #eva #first

During that space walk there will be some repositioning of the power so that the arm can be fully controlled by the robotic station that is in the Lab.

— Umberto Guidoni

#controlled #during #fully #lab #power

About Umberto Guidoni

Umberto Guidoni Quotes

Did you know about Umberto Guidoni?

In 2001 Guidoni participated in the Space Shuttle's STS-100 mission being the first European on board International Space Station (ISS). He is a veteran of two NASA space shuttle missions. Present activity

In 2007 was the speaker of the radio program entitled “From the Sputnik to the Shuttle” (the series "At 8 in the evening" by Radio Rai 2) in which he retraced the main steps of the Space Era.

He is a veteran of two NASA space shuttle missions. He was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from 2004 to 2009. Umberto Guidoni (born in Rome 18 August 1954) is an Italian politician and a former ESA astronaut.

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