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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #face

Intercourse is one thing, Intimacy is everything. Be encouraged

Kerry E. Wagner

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Sex in a dance is in the eyes of the beholder. I never thought my dances sexy. I suppose that's because I see myself with my face washed, and to me I look like a rabbit.

Gwen Verdon

#beholder #dance #dances #eyes #face

I'm a car fanatic and each morning I wake up with a smile on my face, whether I'm commentating on the Formula One or at Silver Hatch racetrack in Roary the Racing Car.

Murray Walker

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This is my logo for Two-Faced

Jarod Kintz

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Alas ! How few of Nature's faces are left alone to gladden us with their beauty ! The cares, and sorrows, and the hungerings, of the world, change them as they change hearts; and it is only when those passions sleep, and have lost their hold for ever, that the troubled clouds pass off, and leave Heaven's surface clear. It is a common thing for the countenances of the dead, even in that fixed and rigid state, to subside into the long-forgotten expression of sleeping infancy, and settle into the very look of early life; so calm, so peaceful, do they grow again, that those who knew them in their happy childhood, kneel by the coffin's side in awe, and see the Angel even upon earth.

Charles Dickens


(found in Just My Type by Simon Garfield p. 19) If you don't get your type warm it will be no use at all for setting down warm human ideas ... By jickity, I'd like to make a type that fitted 1935 all right enough, but I'd like to make it warm - so full of blood and personality that it would jump at you.

William Addison Dwiggins

#font #typeface #design

What's your dad do? I said. Designs new and better wings for new and better sing nuts, he said proudly. It sounded like he was repeating something a sarcastic adult had said.

Judy Budnitz

#short-fiction #design

When you were born, the sight of your face and the noise of your voice brought people joy, you are a carrier of peace and love; return to your natural state of innocence, be free today

Martin Suarez

#birth #face #freedom #innocence #joy

i have a friend request from some stranger on facebook and i delete it without looking at the profile because that doesn't seem natural. 'cause friendship should not be as easy as that. it's like people believe all you need to do is like the same bands in order to be soulmates. or books. omg... U like the outsiders 2... it's like we're the same person! no we're not. it's like we have the same english teacher. there's a difference.

David Levithan

#social-networking #friendship

Now friendships depend on and are subject to the Facebook's privacy policy

Sunil Raina

#frienships #friendship

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