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Just because people have the choice to do bad things doesn’t mean that He can’t use it for better and for good. I don’t want bad things to happen to people on earth, I don’t think that’s great but… The things that happened in my life I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but if that hadn’t happened to me I wouldn’t have one song for anybody to relate to it, it wouldn’t help anyone.

Lacey Mosley

#god #inspirational #knowledge #pain #philosophy

I've learned recently to love imperfection a lot because it shines such a big light on God's grace. And if someone has grace for you that's when you feel their love the most and they see you for who you are and they love you anyway.

Lacey Mosley

#god #god-s-grace #grace #imperfection #inspiration

We have messed-up lives, but we're good people and we have grace. And even though we don't have to do good for God to love us, I want to do good for Him.

Lacey Mosley

#god #inspirational #lacey-mosley #life #love

Even if your body isn't healthy, your soul overcomes that, it doesn't even care, it worships anyway, it's joyful anyway. That's what God wants to give you in your life.

Lacey Mosley

#flyleaf #health #inspirational #jesus #joy

I’m so thankful that God sees us different from what we are and it’s amazing to think that God is a Father like that.

Lacey Sturm

#inspirational #jesus #love #mosley #nicole

Everybody in here, there’s gotta be something really messed up that happened to them because that’s the world we live in. It’s sick, it’s messed up. But until we recognize what’s sick and messed up about ourselves, things will never change around us.

Lacey Sturm

#flyleaf #improvement #inspirational #mosley #nicole

I would’ve died at sixteen years old if a miracle didn’t happened and saved my life. I would’ve committed suicide. And I know that there’s people here that feel crappy and they feel like life doesn’t make sense sometimes. But what’s amazing is that that’s only temporary and you can get through it.

Lacey Mosley

#faith #flyleaf #hope #inspirational #life

He doesn't want you to obey a bunch of rules, He wants your love.

Lacey Mosley

#god #inspirational #love #obedience #religion

Don’t test God and make some tests for him. That doesn’t make any sense. Besides that he can do anything, above everything you could ask. He wants your heart to be real. He wants a volunteering lover. That’s why he gives you a choice. He can tell a tree to grow and it will grow. But it’s up to you to decide whether you obey him or not, he gave you a will. Even though he didn’t give a tree a will, he gave you a will. And he says: "I want you to grow, will you grow? I want you to love me, will you love me? Like I love you, I love you so much.

Lacey Mosley

#christianity #flyleaf #god #heart #inspirational

A lot of our fans are kids who have so little hope in life and face so many dark things. And definitely there are times where you need to feel what they feel, cry with them, rejoice with them. But there comes a point where we have to let them go on their own. We have to hug them and say, ‘We have to believe that you’re going to wake up tomorrow, because if we went through so much stuff and ended up here, the possibilities are endless for you.

Lacey Sturm

#flyleaf #future #hope #inspirational #mosley

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