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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #goodread

If you like pray like a praying mantis or fast like a faxing machine, if you have no faith, you are just wasting your time and energy.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

#christian #coach #faith #goodreads-author #highrtlife

sure, we need the gypsies. we always have. because if you don't have someone to run out of town once in a while, how are you going to know you yourself belong there?

Stephen King


Because so many people use goodreads, it is an amazingly good—and amazingly underutilized—resource for understanding what people read, why, and how they feel about their reading experiences.

John Green

#internet #reading #technology #tumblr #experience

Though I have started emailing with one of my fellow readers whenever there's something important to say about Modern Family or Friday Night Lights, and with another when I notice her updates on

Rachel Bertsche

#goodreads #nonfiction #family

In life, nothing happens by accident. Set a goal, believe in it and go all-in to achieve it.

Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

#ifeanyi-enoch-onuoha #project-e #life

Besides,” said Mr Norrell, “I really have no desire to write reviews of other people's books. Modern publications upon magic are the most pernicious things in the world, full of misinformation and wrong opinions.” “Then sir, you may say so. The ruder you are, the more the editors will be delighted.” “But it is my own opinions which I wish to make better known, not other people's.” “Ah, but, sir,” said Lascelles, “it is precisely by passing judgements upon other people's work and pointing out their errors that readers can be made to understand your own opinions better. It is the easiest thing in the world to turn a review to one's own ends. One only need mention the book once or twice and for the rest of the article one may develop one's theme just as one chuses. It is, I assure you, what every body else does.” “Hmm,” said Mr Norrell thoughtfully, “you may be right. But, no. It would seem as if I were lending support to what ought never to have been published in the first place.

Susanna Clarke

#publishing #reviews #satire #satire

To be lost is to be loved

Aaron Ozee

#aaron-ozee #goodreads #ozee #www-goodreads-com #love

There's a fine line between being brave and just not giving a shit anymore.

Sara Furlong Burr

#indie-author #indie-books #science-fiction-romance #science

Libations are for the gods. Cocktails are for mere mortals.

Jonathan Kieran

#blogs #books #goodreads #humor #jonathan-kieran

Never once in your days will you ever be loved by all

Aaron Ozee

#aaron-ozee #goodreads #ozee #www-goodreads-com #love

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