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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #goosebumps

In Van Halen there were moments, like in some of the ballads, I put my heart and soul into those records. Those lyrics when I sang 'em, I gave myself goosebumps.

Sammy Hagar

#gave #goosebumps #halen #heart #i

I haven't written a young-adult book in years. I'm also doing six 'Goosebumps' books a year now.

R. L. Stine

#book #books #doing #goosebumps #haven

I got the chance to do things that I dreamed of when I was a kid: I got to travel around the world; I had my own 'Goosebumps' attraction at Disney World; I've been on TV and had three TV series.

R. L. Stine

#attraction #been #chance #disney #dreamed

I used to have all the Goosebumps books as a kid too.

Tom Felton

#goosebumps #i #kid #too #used

Did I tell you what happened at the play? We were at the back of the theatre, standing there in the dark, when all of a sudden I feel one of 'em tug at my sleeve, whispers, "Trudy look!" I said, "Yeah, goosebumps. You definitely got goosebumps. You like the play that much?" They said it wasn't the play that gave 'em goosebumps, it was the audience! I'd forgot to tell them to watch the play; they'd been watching the audience! Yeah, to see a group of people sitting together in the dark, laughing and crying at the same things...well that just knocked 'em out! They said, "Trudy, the play was soup, the audience, art." So they're taking goosbumps back with 'em into space. Goosebumps! Quite a souvenir. I like to think of them out there in the dark, watching us. Sometimes we'll do something and they'll laugh. Sometimes we'll do something and they'll cry. And maybe, one day we'll do something so magnificent, the whole universe will get goosebumps.

Jane Wagner

#goosebumps #lily-tomlin #play #theater #theatre

Give me anything that moves my heart, that gives me goosebumps.

Jeremy Spencer

#give #give me #gives #goosebumps #heart

Ariel laughed and now her goose bumps had goose bumps.

Lisa Mantchev

#laughter #men #men-and-women #men

I want to make movies that pierce people's hearts and touch them in some way, even if it's just for the night while they're in the cinema; in that moment, I want to bring actual tears to their eyes and goosebumps to their skin.

Russell Crowe

#bring #cinema #even #eyes #goosebumps

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