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Russell Crowe

Read through the most famous quotes from Russell Crowe

The important thing to me is that I'm not driven by people's praise and I'm not slowed down by people's criticism. I'm just trying to work at the highest level I can.

— Russell Crowe

#down #driven #highest #highest level #i

People accuse me of being arrogant all the time. I'm not arrogant, I'm focused.

— Russell Crowe

#arrogant #being #focused #i #me

I'm destined to be attracted to those I cannot defeat.

— Russell Crowe

#cannot #defeat #destined #i #those

God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.

— Russell Crowe

#australia #bless #christ #defend #god

I'd move to Los Angeles if New Zealand and Australia were swallowed up by a tidal wave, if there was a bubonic plague in England and if the continent of Africa disappeared from some Martian attack.

— Russell Crowe

#angeles #attack #australia #bubonic #continent

When I was a little kid, I used to really embarrass my parents.

— Russell Crowe

#i #kid #little #little kid #parents

I really feel sorry for people who are, who divide their whole life up into 'things that I like' and 'things that I must do.' You're only here for a short time, mate. Learn to like it.

— Russell Crowe

#feel #here #i #into #learn

I don't play chess with my life, ya' know.

— Russell Crowe

#i #know #life #my life #play

I have respect for beer.

— Russell Crowe

#i #respect

I don't make demands. I don't tell you how it should be. I'll give you options, and it's up to you to select or throw 'em away. That should be the headline: If you're insecure, don't call.

— Russell Crowe

#call #demands #give #headline #how

About Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe Quotes

Did you know about Russell Crowe?

A professional public image as "The Gladiator" had to compete alongside one as "the telephone throwing actor". He told me it'd be a waste of time. Crowe portrayed Javert in Les Misérables an adaptation of the popular musical.

Crowe's work has earned him several accolades including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame three Academy Award nominations in a row (1999–2001) one Golden Globe Award for Best Actor one BAFTA and an Academy Award. Due to his success and character variety some critics[who?] have called him a "virtuoso" actor. Nash in the biopic A Beautiful Mind brought him numerous awards including an BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor category Motion Picture Drama and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

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