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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #humerous

Ish #21 "Stop saying the only meat you eat is chicken. It's still meat!

Regina Griffin

#funny-but-true #funny-quotes #humerous #humor #funny

We all look back at some time or other and wonder why we didn't listen to our instincts. Why did we hestiate? Why did we lose our dreams?

Diane Griffith

#greek-island #heart-warming #humerous #travel #true-adventure

You aren’t allowed back until you’ve learned to willingly suspend disbelief.

Rebecca Murphy

#humerous #imagination #plays #theater #imagination

Verily, for nine hundred years have I lost. Everyone I knew is dead, the empire gone, and who knows in what state the world is left. Should what thy sister reports prove true, much hath changed in the world." "By the way", Royce mentioned, "no one uses the words 'tis or hath any ore and certainly not thou, thy, or verily.

Michael J. Sullivan

#humerous #humor #language #ririya #change

Why are you putting on lip gloss, my daughter?" Dad asked ." Trip to the library? Trip to the nunnery? I hear the nunneries are nice this time of year." "Not a date; I still remember Claud," Rusty said, and grabbed her ankle. " I forbid it." "You introduced me to Claud," Kami pointed out. "I'm a bad person," Rusty mumbled. "I do bad things." "Is this true, Kami? Are you going out on a date?" Dad asked tragically. "wearing that? Wouldn't you fancy a shapeless cardigan instead? You rock a shapeless cardigan honey.

Sarah Rees Brennan

#humerous #nunnery #dating

Because of Face book, Twitter, MySpace and Stumble Upon, the Home Shopping Network is probably losing millions of dollars.

Stanley Victor Paskavich


The King had advertised the old magic tea set, but for some reason, no one wanted sugar teeth that could gouge their eyes out.

Heather Dixon

#magic #advertising

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