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If you masturbate, would that make you an incubator?” I eyed him sideways, struggling not to laugh at his nonplussed expression or the sharp bark of mock outrage that followed.

Allison Pang

#incubus #humor

if i had to choose between breathing or loving you, i would say 'i love you' with my last breath

Shannon Dermott

#incubus #nephilim #paranormal-romance #succubus #love

Not that I knew just what an incubus actually looked like, but judging by the darkness that was sliding up the back of his neck, it wasn’t overly human. Hysterical visions of people running for the exits pursued by a massive cock and balls filled my mind, and I let out a gasp of laughter despite myself.

Allison Pang

#incubus #nervous-laughter #humor

you're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life

Shannon Dermott

#incubus #succubus-on-top #life

Sex parties, alcohol and drugs lost their appeal to Sven after a while. Music never did, in his continual search for that sober connection--intimacy with one person over a long period of time, as opposed to periods of intimacy with a bunch of random faces.

Jess C. Scott

#connection #drugs #happiness #incubus #intimacy

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