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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #intimacy

Depending on the situation, sometimes you can know a person better in ten minutes than someone you have crossed paths with all your life.

David Baldacci

#knowledge #understanding #life

For the first time in his life he understood why the Bible called sex "knowing". Everything was different. Now he knew Dante. He'd known Dante. And wonder of wonders, Dante had known him right back.

Damon Suede

#gay #intimacy #love #relationships #sex

The intimacy that arises in listening and speaking truth is only possible if we can open to the vulnerability of our own hearts. Breathing in, contacting the life that is right here, is our first step. Once we have held ourselves with kindness, we can touch others in a vital and healing way.

Tara Brach

#intimacy #kindness #listening #truth #vulnerability

...true intimacy—sharing who you are, the very deepest part of you—with Him. God wants to listen to who you are.

Linda Boone

#journaling-with-god #soaking #life

It is harder, usually, to find a person who wants to walk the streets of me, to taste the teas of my country, to... immigrate, you could say.

Catherynne M. Valente

#love #lovers #relationships #love

It's in giving yourself that you possess yourself

Lou Andeas-Salome

#love #love

This is my skin. This is not your skin, yet you are still under it.

Iain Thomas

#intimacy #love #skin #love

The demand to be intimate or honest with a public can be invasive when the experiences of racial others are commodified as stories or objects that might be traded as evidence of intimacy, as proof of 'being good,' for nonracial others. In this way, intimacy might act as surveillance, through which some people--women of color, for instance--must reveal themselves to bear the burden of representation ('You are here as an example') and the weight of pedagogy ('Teach us about your people'). Intimacy can be a force--especially when others set its terms and conditions. So what if you don't love the (white) girls who exhaust you, who want too much from you, who want to turn you into a commodity or a badge or an experience to share? What if you become a girl in opposition to other girls? This is also the problem with definitions of racism as ignorance, and ignorance as the absence of intimacy--which posits that intimacy is the solution to ignorance. This gives us terrible, stupid disavowals like 'I'm not racist, I have black friends,' as if intimacy is a shield that protects the wearer from harm. It limits our sense of what racism is to the scale of the interpersonal, when it is in fact this enormous constellation of forces and moving parts that structures our institutions--and so-called institutions--profoundly.

Mimi Thi Nguyen

#ignorance #intimacy #race #racism #experience

I wanted to wear her as you would a piece of clothing, to fold into her ribs, be a stone in her mouth.

Hisham Matar

#intimacy #loneliness #love #love

When a man and woman are in love,some decisions and questions are answered in silence.

Mitra June

#intimacy #love

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