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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #lovesick

Piney woke up wearing a big grin on his face. He couldn’t remember when he’d slept so well. He pulled the pillow next to him up over his face. He could smell her hair on it. “Jesse,” he murmured to himself. He liked her. He really liked her. And he loved, loved, loved doing her. Being inside her. She was so hot. She was so tight. She was… Piney stopped himself in midthought and rolled out of bed. His mind was headed where his body could not go.

Pamela Morsi

#piney #the-lovesick-cure #love

I’ve got to get you home before I lose all my sanity and give in to the urge to imprison you here as a sex slave for my evil desires.” Jesse sighed heavily. “That does sound tempting, but I’m pretty sure that Aunt Will would miss me.” “She probably would,” Piney agreed. “And how could I explain to my son why I’ve got a woman locked up in my bedroom?

Pamela Morsi

#pamela-morsi #piney #the-lovesick-cure #home

From my window I watched the full moon—a moon that reminded me of Brett—become shadowed, little by little until there was only a deep blackness in the woods at night. I would sit there wakeful, hour after hour, and wonder if this aching around my heart, this sense of being alone, forlorn and unwanted in a world where there was gayety and love for others of my age, was going to continue for all of my days.

Irene Hunt

#growing-up #lovesick #sadness #thoughts #age

He’d lapped at her ankles like a lovesick pup, and she’d been exactly what she was now, a woman born too beautiful and too rich to worry about a small thing like integrity.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

#integrity #lovesick #puppy-love #rich #beauty

La gente espera de ti que te comportes de un modo determinado, que luzcas un aspecto determinado, que pienses de una forma determinada. De otro modo se niegan a aceptarte.

Tonya Hurley

#lovesick #society #love

He had thought love as a policy made a lot of sense for those who could manage it, and anyone who could manage it belonged in religious life. The rest of us have to struggle with more ordinary love, the common or garden variety: love as a crippling condition. Love as a syndrome.

Gregory Maguire

#religion #love

I’ll tell you a secret about the men in this world. They like young pretty girls, but when pretty teams up with smart and resourceful, it’s more than an elixir, it’s nearly a dad-blamed aphrodisiac.

Pamela Morsi

#pamela-morsi #the-lovesick-cure #men

She was Grandma Will. That term felt foreign and unfitting to the relationship they had. She wondered if her father had ever called her Mother, Ma, Mom, Mama? Maybe in private he might have, but to the world, all the world, it was Aunt Will.

Pamela Morsi

#pamela-morsi #the-lovesick-cure #relationship

Even though we're always together, why does he feel so far away?

Maria Lovesick


Madge did the honors. “Are you…keeping company with Doc Piney?” Jesse answered carefully. “We are not dating, but we are seeing a lot of each other.” Factually true. Revealing nothing. The three women sat silently for a long moment, sharing glances with each other. “You know he has a sad history,” Walter Lou said finally. “Of course she knows,” Madge said immediately. “Everybody knows. The question is are you planning on breaking that man’s heart again?” The suggestion was not at all what Jesse expected. She stuttered out an answer. “I…I don’t…I don’t think Piney knows me well enough to get his heart broken,” she managed finally. “Oh, Lord, girl,” Madge said. “He’s a Baxley. A more lovelorn line of men never graced the earth.” “That’s the truth of that,” Walter Lou agreed. “Those men dote on their women something fierce.

Pamela Morsi

#the-lovesick-cure #dating

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