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Sounds like you've got it all planned out." "Honey, I've got more plans than Wes has ugly shoes." "And that's a lot." I laugh. "It sure is," she says with a sigh.

Laurie Faria Stolarz

#humor #kimmie #humor

The magnificent thing about her [Amelia Earhart] is, in the eyes of the world, she simply never died. Her fear never witnessed, her failure never recorded, her shiny twin-engine Electra never recovered. Earhart's legacy of inspiration is amplified because her adventure is perpetual. We don't think of her as dead; we think of her as missing. She is forever flying, somewhere beyond Lae, over that limitless blue horizon.

Josh Gates

#heroine #legends #inspirational

No woman really wants a man to carry her off; she only wants him to want to do it.

Elizabeth Peters

#men #women #men

Is is difficult to be angry with a gentleman who pays you compliments, even impertinent compliments. Especially impertinent compliments.

Elizabeth Peters

#compliment #men #men

A wager?" I repeated. "Yes," he said, and gave me a slow smile, bright with challenge. ... "Stake?" I asked cautiously. He was still smiling, an odd sort of smile, hard to define. "A kiss." My first reaction was outrage, but then I remembered that I was on my way to Court, and that had to be the kind of thing they did at Court. And if I win I don't have to collect. I hesitated only a moment longer, lured by the thought of open sky, and speed, and winning. "Done," I said.

Sherwood Smith

#meliara #shevraeth #vidanric #wager #challenge

I'm standing in a slaughterhouse where the cattle are begging to become hamburgers. I have a right to be jumpy.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

#comedy #hamburgers #shattered-mirror #comedy

Christ on a cracker. You raped Achilles!

P.C. Cast

#kat #melia #warrior-rising #rape

Seminaked men!” Jacky trilled. “With swords,” Kat purred. “It is a romance novel!

P.C. Cast

#p-c-cast #warrior-rising #men

I have a big hole in my heart," I said. "But it'll close over." I don't want to sound all Dr. Phil," she said. "But don't let the scab seal the pain in, okay?" That's good advice," I said. "I hope I can manage it.

Charlaine Harris

#bill-compton #heartbreak #sookie-stackhouse #vampires #heartbreak

You know what's really freaky? Wes segues. "The fact that the psycho in question was the same guy who was after Debbie Marcus." The whole fiasco with Debbie Marcus had happened at around the same time that I was getting stalked. But instead of taking her seriously, people chalked her stories up to pranks and practical jokes, concluding that Debbie had gotten paranoid as a result. But there was obviously a lot more to it. "Actually, its not nearly as freaky as the fact that Camelia decided to go to the psycho's house without even calling us first," Kimmie says. "I already told you guys, I didn't have my phone." "And you've obviously never heard of a collect call," Wes says. "Nor have you heard of nine-one-one." Kimmie's barbell-pierced eyebrow rises high. "Because I hear that's free as well.

Laurie Faria Stolarz

#deadly-little-voices #humor #kimmie #wes #humor

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