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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #metaphysics

I've often thought that there isn't any "I" at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion.

Aleister Crowley

#magic #magick #metaphysics #occult #philosophy

-But you don't really mean to say that you couldn't love me if my name wasn't Earnest? -But your name is Earnest. -Yes, I know it is. But supposing it was something else? ... -Ah! That is clearly a metaphysical speculation, and like most metaphysical speculations has very little reference at all to the actual facts or real life, as we know them.

Oscar Wilde


Conscious Evolution "Conscious evolution inspires in us a mysterious and humble awareness that we have been created by this awesome process of evolution and are now being transformed by it." Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard


Attitude is a state of mind that results in an action taken or an emotion displayed. Attitude, in the end, is a motivator or that which generates or reflects motives.

Reid A. Ashbaucher

#made-in-the-image-of-god #metaphysics #nature-of-god #nature-of-man #reid-ashbaucher

To create reality, focus beyond the outcome, as if it has already happened.

Gregg Braden

#healing #inspiration #law-of-attraction #magic #metaphysics

God structures his authority based on how he operates internally—that is, how each member of the trinity sees and interacts with each other. God never asks us to function in our obedience outside his personal examples.

Reid A. Ashbaucher

#nature-of-god #theology #change

In the pragmatist, streetwise climate of advanced postmodern capitalism, with its scepticism of big pictures and grand narratives, its hard-nosed disenchantment with the metaphysical, 'life' is one among a whole series of discredited totalities. We are invited to think small rather than big – ironically, at just the point when some of those out to destroy Western civilization are doing exactly the opposite. In the conflict between Western capitalism and radical Islam, a paucity of belief squares up to an excess of it. The West finds itself faced with a full-blooded metaphysical onslaught at just the historical point that it has, so to speak, philosophically disarmed. As far as belief goes, postmodernism prefers to travel light: it has beliefs, to be sure, but it does not have faith.

Terry Eagleton

#belief #capitalism #faith #grand-narratives #islam

I knew in that moment, we were never meant to surrender our childlike innocence, to trade a world in which we fit like a glove for one that hung on us like ill-fitting hand-me-downs. However, all about us insisted on our membership. And instead of a handshake or a mystical password as entrance into this spurious society, we agreed instead to share a lie, the one that says we’re safe, secure, and fulfilled living this way.

Christina Carson

#friendship #health-and-healing #metaphysics #quantum-reality #friendship

Don't live by my words, don't die by them, chew them slowly digest them, and smile if they give nourishment to your soul.

Stanley Victor Paskavich

#life #metaphysics #peace #revelation #tranquility

God who gave Animals self motion beyond our understanding is without doubt able to implant other principles of motion in bodies [which] we may understand as little. Some would readily grant this may be a Spiritual one; yet a mechanical one might be showne, did not I think it better to pass it by.

Isaac Newton

#metaphysics #motion #nature #nature

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