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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #nathaniel

We’ve grown and changed, screwed up, but at the beginning of each summer, we found each other again. Or maybe we never really lost each other.

Nyrae Dawn

#nathaniel #summer-four #change

Six minutes isn’t sex,” I hear him saying as my eyes crash shut. “Six minutes is a boiled egg.

Sophie Kinsella

#nathaniel #samantha-sweeting #sex #funny

Trying to imagine E. M. Forster, who found Ulysses indecorous, at a London performance of Lenny Bruce—to which in fact he was once taken. Trying to imagine the same for a time-transported Nathaniel Hawthorne—who during his first visit to Europe was even shocked by the profusion of naked statues.

David Markson

#lenny-bruce #m-forster #nathaniel-hawthorne #norms #puritanism

Could you have possibly put more water between us?

Saundra Mitchell

#love #nathaniel-witherspoon #love

Destroy! destroy! destroy! hums the under-consciousness. Love and produce! Love and produce! cackles the upper consciousness. And the world hears only the Love-and- produce cackle. Refuses to hear the hum of destruction under- neath. Until such time as it will have to hear.

D.H. Lawrence

#nathaniel-hawthorne #scarlet-letter #love

What is it about stars that you love so much?” he asks. That answer comes quickly. “Because they’re infinite. They’re miracles, and anything is possible when you look out into the massive space that goes on and on.” Because I want that. I want to explore and see what’s out there and feel as free as those stars in the sky.

Nyrae Dawn

#nathaniel #stars #summer-three #love

So you're a Shadowhunter,' Nate said. 'De Quincey told me that you lot were monsters.' 'Was that before or after he tried to eat you?' Will inquired.

Cassandra Clare

#humour #nathaniel-gray #will-herondale #wit #eating

It's Nathaniel Hawthorne Month in English. Poor Nathaniel. Does he know what they've done to him? We're reading The Scarlet Letter one sentence at a time, tearing it up and chewing on its bones. It's all about SYMBOLISM, says Hairwoman. Every word chosen by Nathaniel, every comma, every paragraph break -- these were all done on purpose. To get a decent grade in her class, we have to figure out what he was really trying to say. Why couldn't he just say what he meant? Would they pin scarlet letters on his chest? B for blunt, S for straightforward?

Laurie Halse Anderson

#scarlet-letter #symbolism #poor

Ho there, it ignites!

Nicole Sager

#humor #ignispat #nathaniel #nicole-sager #humor

As Master Nathaniel jogged leisurely along his thoughts turned to the Farmer Gibberty, who many a time must have jogged along this path, in just such a way, and seen and heard the very same things that he was seeing and hearing now. Yes, the Farmer Gibberty had once been a real living man, like himself. And so had millions of others, whose names he had never heard. And one day he himself would be a prisoner, confined between the walls of other people's memory. And then he would cease even to be that, and become nothing but a few words cut in stone. What would these words be, he wondered.

Hope Mirrlees

#epitaphs #nathaniel-chanticleer #death

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