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I'm truly worried about the country's direction. I can tell you this categorically, we've got the weakest president and the weakest governor in the history of my 50 years of public service.

Fritz Hollings

#categorically #country #direction #got #governor

When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things - not the great occasions - that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.

Bob Hope

#give #glow #great #greatest #happiness

The hate and scorn showered on us Negro officers by our fellow Americans convinced me that there was no sense in my dying for a world ruled by them. I made up my mind that if I got through this war I would study law and use my time fighting for men who could not strike back.

Charles Hamilton Houston

#convinced #could #dying #fellow #fellow americans

Perkembangan ilmu bisa dicapai dengan melakukan perubahan pola pikir dan pendefinisian lengkap komunikasi berantai dalam struktur piramida rantai makanan yang tersusun rapi.

Toba Beta

#pyramid-of-food-chain #food

In the wake of World War II, most Democrats and liberals claimed that if justice could be done and was not, only evil intent could explain the inaction. Most Republicans and conservatives replied scornfully that the vagabonds were simply calling yet again for an equal share of wealth that others had earned. Most moderates, both Democrats and Republicans, admitted that more justice demanded to be done, but they warned that equality, absent the striving and competition that had always characterized American life, might be an attractive dream, but it was not “the” American Dream. Pursuing the American Dream, 7, 196

Cal Jillson

#role-of-government #dreams

We should be wary of politicians who profess to follow history while only noticing those signposts of history that point in the direction which they themselves already favour.

Douglas Hurd

#direction #favour #follow #history #noticing

I was on a train of lies. I couldn't jump off.

Clifford Irving

#jump #lies #off #train

You cannot set art off in a corner and hope for it to have vitality, reality, and substance.

Charles Ives

#cannot #corner #hope #off #reality

I never wanted to go longer than five years off the stage. Not necessarily musicals, but just doing a play or something.

Hugh Jackman

#five #go #i #just #longer

Every person who is offered a knighthood has the opportunity to say yes or no. You get a letter from the Prime Minister saying you've been recommended for a knighthood and there are two little boxes, one says yes, one says no.

Derek Jacobi

#boxes #every #get #knighthood #letter

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