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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #patriarchy

So I remember both medicine, because I frequently sick, particularly with asthma for which there was no proper treatment then, and in religion I had a strong sense of there being a patriarchy.

Thomas Keneally

#because #being #both #frequently #had

Formerly, many men dominated women within marriage. Now, despite a much wider acceptance of women as workers, men dominate women anonymously outside the marriage. Patriarchy has not disappeared; it has changed form. In the old form, women were forced to obey an overbearing husband in the privacy of an unjust marriage. In the new form, the working single mother is economically abandoned by her former husband and ignored by a patriarchal society at large.

Arlie Hochschild

#patriarchy #single-mom #change

It is a tragedy beyond the power of language to convey when what has been imposed on women by force becomes a standard of freedom for women: and all the women say it is so.

Andrea Dworkin

#feminism #freedom #patriarchy #third-wave-feminism #tragedy

Patriarchy has no gender.

Bell Hooks


We have to constantly critique imperialist white supremacist patriarchal culture because it is normalized by mass media and rendered unproblematic.

Bell Hooks

#patriarchy #white-supremacy #media

What had begun as a movement to free all black people from racist oppression became a movement with its primary goal the establishment of black male patriarchy.

Bell Hooks

#begun #black #establishment #free #goal

Why is it that many contemporary male thinkers, especially men of color, repudiate the imperialist legacy of Columbus but affirm dimensions of that legacy by their refusal to repudiate patriarchy?

Bell Hooks

#color #columbus #contemporary #dimensions #especially

Dans la femme parée, la Nature est présente, mais captive, modelée par une volonté humaine selon le désir de l'homme.

Simone de Beauvoir

#female-beauty #objectification-of-women #patriarchy #women #beauty

Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.' (Leviticus 18:22). That means simply that it is foul to do to other men what men habitually, proudly, manfully do to women: use them as inanimate, empty, concave things; fuck them into submission; subordinate them through sex.

Andrea Dworkin

#homosexuality #masculinity #patriarchy #sex #violence-against-women

Civilized Man says: I am Self, I am Master, all the rest is other--outside, below, underneath, subservient. I own, I use, I explore, I exploit, I control. What I do is what matters. What I want is what matter is for. I am that I am, and the rest is women & wilderness, to be used as I see fit.

Ursula K. Le Guin

#patriarchy #wilderness #women #men

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