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I know that in everybody's life must come days of depression and discouragement when all things in life seem to lose savour. The sunniest day has its clouds;but one must not forget the sun is there all the time.

L.M. Montgomery


With lacquerware there is an extra beauty in that moment between removing the lid and lifting the bowl to the mouth, when one gazes at the still, silent liquid in the dark depths of the bowl, its colour hardly differing from that of the bowl itself. What lies within the darkness one cannot distinguish, but the palm senses the gentle movements of the liquid, vapour rises from within, forming droplets on the rim, and the fragrance carried upon the vapour brings a delicate anticipation ... a moment of mystery, it might almost be called, a moment of trance.

Jun'ichirō Tanizaki


Don't bite off more than you can chew because nobody looks attractive spitting it back out.

Carroll Bryant

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The twelve jurors were all writing very busily on the slates. "What are they doing?" Alice whispered to the Gryphon. "They can't have anything to put down yet, before the trial's begun." "They're putting down their names," the Gryphon whispered in reply, "for fear they should forget them before the end of the trial.

Lewis Carroll

#humor #philisophical #dreams

... never engage to play with a troubled mind or excited emotions. Lucidity of mind is crucial and once once's emotions become engaged in the play all is lost.....

Emery Lee

#philisophical #romance-novel #education

I feel like I am either on the cusp of something great, or standing on the edge of my abyss, discovering something brand new, or uncovering somebody elses lost imagination.

Carroll Bryant

#life-philosophy #life_universe_everything #philisophical #philisophical-life #philosphy

When people say they hate life, to what are they comparing it to? The alternative isn't any more appealing.

Carroll Bryant

#philosophy-of-life #philosphy #philsophical-thought #life

Its not the respect we hold when we are alive but after death!!" -Mahesh Shekhar

Mahesh shekhar

#philisophy #death

You are the guiding star of someone's existence

Carroll Bryant

#love #philisophical #philisophical-life #inspirational

There is no need to masturbate your brain, just to ejaculate your thoughts all over the place

Carroll Bryant

#philisophical #humor

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