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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #poison

Poison!" Grover yelped. "Don't let those things touch you or..." "Or we'll die?" I guessed. "Well...after you shrivel slowly to dust, yes." "Let's avoid the swords," I decided.

Rick Riordan

#humor #poison #shrivel #swords #humor

Although it is pleasant to think about poison at any season, there is something special about Christmas, and I found myself grinning.

Alan Bradley

#holidays #humor #poison #humor

He looked haggard and careworn, like a Borgia who has suddenly remembered that he has forgotten to shove cyanide in the consommé, and the dinner-gong due any moment.

P.G. Wodehouse

#forgetfulness #humor #poison #unhappiness #humor

Listen. To live is to be marked. To live is to change, to acquire the words of a story, and that is the only celebration we mortals really know. In perfect stillness, frankly, I've only found sorrow.

Barbara Kingsolver

#the-poisonwood-bible #change

'So this is it' he thought. After everything he had been through, after all the mysteries and fighting and fleeting moments of hope, they were just going to kill him with some sort of poison gas? Stupid, that was what this was. Stupid. He had battled Grievers and Cranks, survived a gunshot and infection. WICKED. They were the ones who'd saved him. And now they were just going to gas him to death?

Josh Dashner The Scorch Trials

#pointless-death #poisonous-gas #wicked #death

They are trying to take you back from me now, and they will—but only for a brief, little while—

Maryrose Wood

#death #love #poison #weed #death

You think I'm with you out of guilt?" "No, you ass. Of course not. I just mean—" "You're a nut, MacAllister. I'm with you because I love you." There it was, out. Three little words. Three of the most common words in the world, but string them together and they were more powerful than any warrant, any extradition papers, or even treaty. Stronger than any magical spell. Had he really never said them aloud to Taylor?

Josh Lanyon

#taylor #will #love

Inhale when I inhale. Exhale when I exhale. Breathe with me,for two beating hearts breathing one breath together become one.

Christina Westover

#inspiration #literary-quote #love #mainstream-fiction #poisoning-sylvie

Just like your body and lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy, the same is true with your beliefs. Your beliefs can be your medicine or your poison.

Steve Maraboli

#body #happiness #healthy #inspirational #life

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