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Philip Roth

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It was puzzling to own trees - they were not owned the way a business os owned or even a house is owned. If anything, they were held in trust. In trust. Yes, for all of posterity,...

— Philip Roth


You put too much stock in human intelligence, it doesn't annihilate human nature.

— Philip Roth

#intelligence #intelligence

Because that is when you love somebody - when you see them being game in the face of the worst. Not courageous. Not heroic. Just game.

— Philip Roth


You tasted it. Isn't that enough? Of what do you ever get more than a taste? That's all we're given in life, that's all we're given of life. A taste. There is no more.

— Philip Roth


Life is just a short period of time in which you are alive.

— Philip Roth

#just #life #period #short #short period

Oh, to be a center fielder, a center fielder- and nothing more

— Philip Roth


In my childhood I led the life of a sage, when I grew up I started climbing trees

— Philip Roth


Nothing bad can happen to a writer. Everything is material.

— Philip Roth


Perhaps,' I wearily suggest, 'reading is the opiate of the educated classes.' 'Is it? Are you thinking of becoming a flower child?' he says, lighting up a new cigar.

— Philip Roth


Old age isn't a battle; old age is a massacre.

— Philip Roth

#battle #massacre #old #old age

About Philip Roth

Did you know about Philip Roth?

To read a novel requires a certain amount of concentration focus devotion to the reading. He received a Pulitzer Prize for his 1997 novel American Pastoral which featured one of his best-known characters Nathan Zuckerman the subject of many other of Roth's novels.

writers of his generation: his books have twice received the National Book Award twice the National Book Critics Circle award and three times the PEN/Faulkner Award. The Human Stain (2000) another Zuckerman novel was awarded the United Kingdom's WH Smith Literary Award for the best book of the year. S.

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