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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #reptiles

A few alligators are naturally of the vicious type and inclined to resent it when you prod them with a stick. You can find out which ones these are by prodding them.

Will Cuppy

#humor #reptiles #nature

I see if I can make human beings look like reptiles.

Ralph Steadman

#human #human beings #i #i can #i see

And in the afternoon they entered a land - but such a land! A land hung in mourning, darkened by gigantic cypresses, submerged; a land of reptiles, silence, shadow, decay.

George Washington Cable

#darkened #decay #entered #gigantic #hung

I had no idea what humans were capable of. I heard they were crafty, but how are they able to do such things? You mean harness light and water? Speedy asked. Change the weather? Yes. It's only the beginning, Speedy said. There are more marvels waiting. Some not so marvelous. Such as? Be not in haste, said the tortoise. There is nothing here but time. If you live long enough, you will see. Of course, though, you will see them from your cage. Live long enough? I asked. Are there mortal dangers here? The tortoise chuckled. The boy doesn't always take very good care of his prisoners, Rex the lizard chimed in. What do you mean? He doesn't feed us enough? Sometimes he doesn't understand what we need to survive, Rex answered. Sometimes he plays too rough. How can a creature able to bend the laws of nature be so cruel? I asked.

Patrick Jennings

#humans #lizard #pets #power #reptiles

Life in a box was unbearable. How did humans stand it?

Patrick Jennings

#ethics #humans #reptiles #snakes #life

The man who never alters his opinions is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.

William Blake

#breeds #his #like #man #mind

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