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Fml Confessions

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I really want to die

#fml   #despair   #confession  

I sucked the cock of a stranger who comforted me in a hotel stairwell after my husband and I had a stupid drunken argument at a wedding.


I caused a car crash the other day. I do not know how it happened exactly, but I was texting and driving (yes, I know.. blabla bad thing)... and I wasn't looking on the road only for a few short seconds and the next thing I know is that my phone screen is broken and it does not work anymore and that my head hurts.
Apparently I drove straight into the oncoming traffic. My car is fine, only a few small scratches, but the other car is almost a complete write off. Thank god it was not mine.
But now my phone is broken and I cannot afford a new one. FML

#fml   #car   #crash   #accident   #texting   #oops  

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