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Ignorance Confessions

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i just hate when you treat me like that 💔 its make me breakdown and depressed, can you thinking about my feeling yet? ,no i think you'll never.

#ignorance   #depressed   #fakefriend  

I confess that I have actively took part in the discrimination, humiliation, and silent segregation of Men with Small Penises. I have a big cock and have slept with hundreds of women. Once it was clear that I was universally considered big and thick I started to take on the role of a big cock dominant man.

This would always result in the infatuation and pseudo sexual worship of my big thick cock. Every girl or woman would have1-2 horror stories or nightmares as they referred to them... about where they encountered embarrassingly small pricks on unsuspecting owner's of tiny dicks.

Often these men were guilty of false advertising on some level, add that to the fact that small penises are not sexy or attractive because they are not masculine or manly. In private women often make fun and joke about how once they have a bad experience they can figure out who has an inferior penis. These same women also boast the new ability to accurately predict who is big and who is underwhelming. . Typically this is where I prove I'm big.

Women are disgusted by small penis and will not reproduce with one because of the severe risk of inflicting her own male offspring with embarrassing and unattractive genitals.

Women are taught by their mothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, etc to never talk about penis size or a man's penis size with men or around men because lots of their father's and brother's were little dicked men and they did not want to cause unnecessary insecurity in their loved ones and publicize that all women are size concerned if not full on size queens.

I have to confess that I agree with most women and believe the inferior male race of small pricks should slowly and meticulously be frozen out of the gene pool. Of course this takes lots of commitment and deception by women during their insemination and impregnation periods where their entire existence becomes insemination and impregnation.

#sex   #disgust   #ignorance   #deception   #conspiracy   #inseminate   #genetics   #embarassing  

I need to confess this so This is when I was in 4th grade I had a Crush in this girl. And She didn't know and one day my mom gave me this Taylor swift thing and she loved Taylor so I took it and wrote a note saying I really like you from your something I don't remember what I wrote my name as. So then she saw it in. The front of the her desk and thrown it out so that made me feel like it was nothing. Now let's skip over to 5th grade summer I told her I liked her and she said she knew cause someone told her so I felt stupid and when she texted back she said thanks for telling me I didn't text back. Then let's skip over to 6th grade my friend (her bf) got mad at me and we had a fight and so did all his friends that we shared so I didn't talk to them for like a month and then they didn't care anymore but let's skip over to November of 6th and we were in Spanish class and the presentation said no name calling then something happened she said stop acting like an idiot to my other friendand the Spanish teacher thought it was him so she blamed them so much he cried and I got mad at Alexa I started talking crap to her like F**k you why would you do that to him and stuff now I'm over it and we're not friends anymore and I ignore her a lot once I was in Spanish and I went to get something from my locker and she was walking into Spanish I saw her and looked directly at my locker she said something to me but I didn't hear now we had Gym together and I have to do Push-ups next to her now I have a good friend relationship with a lot of the girls and they weren't doing the push ups and they were on there knees and they pretended to do them and I said you hands aren't even on the floor I joked but she said they actually are so I looked down and ignored her like I do and then she keeps on trying to talk to me so I texted her on Insta to stop bothering me and I don't know what happenes next because that was today but I want to be friends but I know she doesn't want to be.

#crush   #ignorance   #confession  

Pray and roll the dice for #ignorance

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