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Knickers Confessions

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I love my wifes dirty panties but am obsessed with wanting to watch another man sniff her knickers

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When I first began a relationship, with my current girlfriend, during the first few months, I have to confess that I would help myself to the odd pair of her knickers. I would only take the white cotton fullback ones. Eventually she caught me wearing a pair one night when she turned up unexpectedly. At first she was completely shocked and rather embarrashed, but after questioning me about it for about half an hour. She couldn't ignore how hard and swollen my cock had become inside the pair of her knickers I was wearing. So I guess my undies make you horny, she smirked. Would you like me to make you cum in my panties, she grinned.
I just nodded franticly, as she began to rub my cock, until I began to quiver and spasm uncontrollably as I spurted wave after wave of thick sticky cum all over her tight white knickers.

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My wife and I stayed over at a friends house, and they all went out leaving me alone in their house.

I went into our friends room and looked through her underwear drawer. It was amazing, full of lacy thongs and knickers. I put them to my nose to smell them and even licked them.

I then found a vibrator at the very back, it was long and pink. I was so hard I went to the toilet to want off my hard cock. I love sexy knickers.

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Not sure how to start this so here goes.
I am a 52 year old married mother with 3 girls. Iv always been in good shape always been active. I have a great job and a house I've built up and im proud of in a nice area in Manchester. I think I'm still young and can turn heads even at my age.
Im 5,9 slim but I have a big bottom haha and it gets me noticed.

My daughters are all grown up and only one of them still lives at home. My girls have always brought boys home, some cute some not but id never thought much into it. Iv had affairs in past (and no my husband does not no so lets hope he never does find out hehe) and still occasionally will have sex with strangers if I'm in the mood, they always want to put it in my bottom hehe.

my daughter lets call her K who still lives at home finally got serious with a nice guy he's a bit older then K she is in her mid 20s and he is 32. They are saving up for a house. We will call him B.

I never really noticed or even thought about B in a sexual way for the longest of times until one summer I was sat in the garden in my summer dress, I was sat on the decking messing on my phone. its was a hot day, myself and B was the only two home that day. I didn't think much of it at first but B came out to the back where I was sitting, we talked for a bit about day to day life and suddenly B sits straight infront of me.

I honestly didn't think at first I just talked and answered questions he asked. When id look up to talk back to him i would just catch his eye roll back up to my face level. That's when I realised what he was doing, he was taking a good look at my knickers.

My first reaction was to shut my legs. I was shocked at first and angry, I wanted to punch the pervert, I asked him if he would get me a drink. Of course he said, as he was standing up he placed his hand over his crotch to push down his thick hard dick and thats when the dirty slag in me came out. As soon as he was out of sight i stood up and pulled my now wet knickers as far up my arse crack and pussy as they would go, I rubbed my pussy for a few seconds just to be sure there was a damp patch on them.

I sat back down with my knees together, I was so turned on by what i was about to do. I was going to give this dirty fucker what he wanted a good view of a real milfs wet pussy.

B come back outside with a nice cold drink and again one hand on his crotch.
As he passed me the drink i told him to sit, we talked for what seemed like hours, I was so nervous and unsure but I thought fuck it. With a big smile on my face as we talk i slowly opened my legs.

OMG is all I can say. The boy couldn't take his eyes off my dirty cunt he wanted it so bad.

B likes to return the favour whenever he can by showing me bits here and there but last week he got really brave, I was sat in the kitchen talking to my daughter when B walks in the room in just his robe. I could see straight away it was adjusted to benefit me, he walk over to me and sat next to me, my daughter was on the other side of the room talking but not paying attention to anything else other then what she was doing. He sat next to me sideways on so he was facing me.
I could only steel a look every now and then but slowly and surly the robe parted from his legs until this think hard cock was in plan view.

My god if my daughter wasn't home or even in another room i would sucked that dick like it the last dick i would ever see again. It looks beautiful. He stayed like that for a while and I was finding it hard to control myself needles to say i fucked myself silly that night and have been doing since just thinking about what one day I will let him do to me.

We haven't had sex or even talk about it. Things are at a stage of we both know what's happening but we haven't talked about it I don't know how to take things further or if i should.

we are very touch and feel with each other and i will be honest i look for any reason to text him and I think he also looks for any reason to text me, he can be forward in his text so I play it down but I want nothing more then to let this young man do what he wants to me.

Anyway if feels good getting this out in the open


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While cleaning my sons room, i found my knickers which i had placed in the washing basket last night, he had obviously used them as the crotch was stained and still damp, he had put them under his bed after using them........ Is this normal ? should i say anything when he comes home ?

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