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Wifes Confessions

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I was having a few drinks with my ex wifes former best friend. We started getting a little frisky. We went to her bedroom and got naked. We started to feel each other's bodies but I was hesitant and she could tell. Without speaking a word she rolled over onto her back and started masturbating. Amazing. When she finished her orgasm, she took my hand and put it on my erection. Needless to say, I took the hint and jerked off while she watched. One of the most intense orgasms I ever had. 

#masturbating   #unplanned   #wifes   #friend  

I love my wifes dirty panties but am obsessed with wanting to watch another man sniff her knickers

#wifes   #dirty   #knickers  

I have wanted to have sex with my wifes best friend for 7 years now. I have stolen underwear from her house when we have been visiting, i regularly masturbate to pictures of her, and i only think of her whenever i am having sex with my wife.

#panties   #masturbation  

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