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Pantyhose Confessions

Read the best #pantyhose confession stories

When I was 17 my cousin caught me sniffing her used pantyhose in her room. She said that she wouldn't tell if I would do whatever she said. Not wanting to get in trouble, I said that I would. She told me to put her pantyhose on and bend over on her bed and spread my legs. I have to admit I was excited that she wanted me to put them on so I did right away got on the bed and spread my legs. She came over to me and put her nose right in my ass and inhaled smelling her filth and my sweaty ass. I could feel her tongue in my crack. She then stood up and ripped them open and rammed her tongue into my ass and rimmed it. I was moaning as she did as well. I really liked it when she rimmed my ass it felt amazing and she said it tasted amazing. She got fully naked and grabbed my cock as she rimmed me. I came all over her bed and she licked it up with her tongue.

#fetish   #rimming   #pantyhose  

I have a huge fetish for pantyhose. I am 24 and my sister (35) wears them all the time.

I keep fantasizing about her legs and her feet, I’ve even secretly taken pictures of her wearing tights and masturbated to them.

Basically, my sister’s sudden affinity for wearing pantyhose has made me think of her in taboo ways.

#pantyhose   #sister   #masturbation  

My wife is a sexy blonde. She trims her pussy like a landing strip and never wears panties.

Many times when we are out places and she had on a dress or skirt, she will pull it up in public and her sweet pussy can be seen. She has shown her pussy like that is restaurants, bars, outside and at parties. Wearing pantyhose without panties makes her wet then teasing makes her wetter.

I have fingered her in many places when she is so turned on. Sometimes, We go someplace and I pull her pantyhose down and eat her sweetness. Once at at party, she bent over and I pulled up her skirt and found she was soaked, she spread her legs and I fingered her from behind in the kitchen of the people having the party.

A few people came in while she was getting fingered and watched.

#pantyhose   #public   #nopanties  

My mom told me to stay out of her pantyhose and clothes and I can't I've been wearing suntan pantyhose and I'm wearing her clothes right now pair of pants. I love when the pants rub against the suntan pantyhose. I'm going to tell my mom in the morning I'm wearing pantyhose.


My mother wears the same pantyhose for days without washing them. So I go into the hamper when she finally decides to take them off and take them to my room. I get naked and sniff the feet of them and slowly move my way up to the crotch. I spread the area where it rests in her ass and sniff it while jacking off! The smell of her soiled ass makes me so hard and I cum in them thinking of tasting her dirty ass for real.

#pantyhose   #mother   #dirty  

I love wearing pantyhose and wish my wife would and we could go out dressed up and tell her I would love to lay next to her while a group of guys fuck her all night and while they cum in her pussy she is sucking every dick put in her face and covering her body in cum and I lick her clean and have one stay as she is sucking I will place my lips around his dick and try to french kiss my wife and hold his dick with her tongue and mine playing together as he shoots all his cum in both our mouths and after I say don't swallow until I kiss you then grab his dick over her face and I start sucking it and deep throat him sucking him until he begs me to stop and I keep sucking until he can push me away then I look at my wife and tell her I love wearing heels nylons and skirts and I like sucking dicks as much as she does and tell her I love the taste of cum and kiss her and after we kiss ask her to give me some of the cum I can taste and swallow and want her to suck like a whore and fuck like one too and I want to suck with her anytime she wants to and more when I am dressed up and want to very much


I'm in my bathroom right now wearing women's clothing in pantyhose and I'm telling my mom I'm wearing them tomorrow.


I like wearing sheer pantyhose. I am a man. I always masturbate when I wearing pantyhose. I like the feel of them on me. I feel shame about myself but I really like the feeling. I feel be loved in pantyhose.


I'm in a pair of suntan pantyhose I'm women's clothing and I feel great.

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