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Rival Confessions

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There is this woman I know around in my town in Australia who is a a real geeky sort (like me), and who is a bit weird and aspie (unfortunately, also like me) - turns out, she is transgender.

I was born a guy BTW, and aside from this woman who basically used me for money and another who just, well, she was a fucking nutter herself (more than me, which is rare), I'm so insanely jealous of this transwoman that, to the point, I want to do the transition myself. Gamer girls get a lot more sex (from both men and women) than gamer guys, and I can tell you, I would just love the attention. Hell, I plan to work in porn if I have to. There are some sick bastards out there and I would just love to be the centre of attention, but in a way that, to me, is beautiful. (I know other people won't agree but I don't care).

Though I'll still be the same geeky person I always have been. Heck, wonder if I am in fact transgendered and my encounter with this person just triggered those feelings within me, or - hell if I know. Still, I do like the idea of being a transgender female, though I can't imagine the discrimination and loss of "male privilege" as the SJW crowd call it being too much fun. I just want to get rid of my disgusting male self but I really don't want to do myself in if I can help it. Maybe becoming a woman would help me restart my life. Yeah, I'm basically a whore in my mentality. So what? No-one has any right to judge me.

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Privileged bipolar white women. I think the word “privileged” may need to be replaced by bipolar in some instances.
This is not an attack on bipolar people. Instead I think it may help us understand some people who act privileged.
They seem to need an influence. Will the influence be good or bad?
I’ve been around some bi polars over the years. Some are the privileged acting type. Some are the self destructive passive sweet type.
Like other severe disorders, some bipolars can be overwhelmed. They have trouble fitting in with the norm.
I knew an old lady. She really wasn’t special per say. But in her mind she was. She was proud of her old house and stuff.
But she couldn’t always control her emotions. She’d get mad over minor stuff & be rude. She was usually trying to be sweet. At first I didn’t like her. Then I understood her. I learned to work around it. We got along fine after that.
She’d talk about her family at work. I was fascinated. One daughter refused to be a housewife. I agree. Why be controlled & at another’s whim.
But the world is hard. From the stories she hardened herself. Protected herself by closing off. Learned to focus on herself. But she left her children to figure things out for themselves. Let them make up their own minds & choose their own paths. From the stories that didn't go well.
They’d spend too much money. Go in debt. Failed marriages. Unhappy children.
Unless they find a way to help them, bipolars would be better off staying single & not having children. Focus on their own happiness. Get a pet.
So I think we get a lot of this in society. The “privileged” white women. Complaining. Asking for managers.
They can drive you crazy at work.
I’m not judging. I’m worse than them. No one wants to be around me for more than a few moments. I’m not bipolar though.
Do you think people have children to try to fill a void in themselves?
I wonder if the media is correct to go after these mentally ill people? It’s like we pick and choose whom among society can be mocked by society.

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