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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #buddhism

Maybe it’s something which can’t be defined,” Enso Roshi says. “Maybe it’s a question, to be lived.

T. Scott McLeod

#enlightenment #life-s-greatest-answers #life-s-purpose #living-the-question #meditation

Cause and effect, in the Buddhist sense, though. Any action you undertake creates a seed that will sprout when the conditions are right, creating a good or bad result." "Do you believe in it?" He doesn’t allow even a pause. “Very much so.

Jacquie Underdown

#buddhist #life #life-lessons #life

According to the Buddha's teaching the beginning of the life-stream of living beings is unthinkable. THe believer in the creation of life by God may be astonished at this reply. But if you were to ask him 'What is the beginning of God?' he would answer without hesitation 'God has no beginning', and he is not astonished at his own reply.

Walpola Rahula

#buddhism #circle-of-life #creation-of-the-universe #creationism #god

A wide and vague impression exists that so-called Eastern religion is more contemplative, innocuous, and humane than the proselytizing monotheisms of the West. Don't believe a word of this: try asking the children of Indochina who were dumped by their parents for inherited deformities that were attributed to sins in a previous 'life.

Christopher Hitchens

#buddhism #eastern-religion #indochina #monotheism #rebirth-buddhism

You don't understand. I only prostitute the part of the body that isn't important, and nobody suffers except my karma a little bit. I don't do big harm. You prostitute your mind. Mind is seat of Buddha. What you do is very very bad. You should not use your mind in that way

John Burdett

#prostitution #the-mind #karma

Many do not realize that we here must die. For those who realize this, quarrels end.


#dhammapada #theravada #buddhism

Bliss and suffering, it seems, always go hand in hand.

Kentetsu Takamori

#inspirational #religion #inspirational

Beyond this life and This world I'll have it til My heart's content: The bright moon that passed over The horizon before I had my fill.



Children I implore you get out of the burning house now three carts wait outside to save you from a homeless life relax in the village square before the sky everything's empty no direction is better or worse east is just as good as west those who know the meaning of this are free to go where they want


#old-songs #transcendence #life

Buddhism is all about science. If science is the systematic pursuit of the accurate knowledge of reality, then science is Buddhism, Buddhism is science.

Robert A.F. Thurman

#psychology #science #spirituality #wisdom #science

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