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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #buddhism

Buddhism has become a socially recognized religious philosophy for Americans, whereas it used to be considered an exotic religion.

Thurston Moore

#buddhism #considered #exotic #philosophy #recognized

For me, in Buddhism there is a plethora of specific teachings that one can seek out and find for the individual dilemmas you may have.

Steven Seagal

#dilemmas #find #individual #may #me

Maybe it’s something which can’t be defined,” Enso Roshi says. “Maybe it’s a question, to be lived.

T. Scott McLeod

#enlightenment #life-s-greatest-answers #life-s-purpose #living-the-question #meditation

You don't understand. I only prostitute the part of the body that isn't important, and nobody suffers except my karma a little bit. I don't do big harm. You prostitute your mind. Mind is seat of Buddha. What you do is very very bad. You should not use your mind in that way

John Burdett

#prostitution #the-mind #karma

Many do not realize that we here must die. For those who realize this, quarrels end.


#dhammapada #theravada #buddhism

Beyond this life and This world I'll have it til My heart's content: The bright moon that passed over The horizon before I had my fill.



Children I implore you get out of the burning house now three carts wait outside to save you from a homeless life relax in the village square before the sky everything's empty no direction is better or worse east is just as good as west those who know the meaning of this are free to go where they want


#old-songs #transcendence #life

In meditation we discover our inherent restlessness. Sometimes we get up and leave. Sometimes we sit there but our bodies wiggle and squirm and our minds go far away. This can be so uncomfortable that we feel’s it’s impossible to stay. Yet this feeling can teach us not just about ourselves but what it is to be human…we really don’t want to stay with the nakedness of our present experience. It goes against the grain to stay present. These are the times when only gentleness and a sense of humor can give us the strength to settle down…so whenever we wander off, we gently encourage ourselves to “stay” and settle down. Are we experiencing restlessness? Stay! Are fear and loathing out of control? Stay! Aching knees and throbbing back? Stay! What’s for lunch? Stay! I can’t stand this another minute! Stay!”

Pema Chödrön

#loving-kindness #meditation #mindfulness #wisdom #experience

...for you know that soft is stronger than hard, water stronger than rock, love stronger than force." Vesadeva to Siddartha

Hermann Hesse

#buddhism #monasticism #siddhartha #siddhartha-gautama #love

[S]he believed that the Buddhists were right–that if you want, you will suffer; if you love, you will grieve. (68)

Anne Lamott

#buddhism #desire #grief #love #suffering

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