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Matthew Sweet

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First off, I don't want anyone to think I'm this huge thing in Japan. Every group from here that's made any records over any length of time - even indie bands - have a Cheap Trick effect in Japan.

— Matthew Sweet

#anyone #bands #cheap #effect #even

He helped make Living Things even more crazy than I wanted it to be. He added old-fashioned piano and classical folk music - that weird otherworldly vibe - all these elements got onto the record.

— Matthew Sweet

#classical #crazy #elements #even #folk

I figured if the plane goes down, I'll go with a great genius and will always have my name connected with his.

— Matthew Sweet

#connected #down #figured #genius #go

I had no allusions of radio success. I just loved being in studios. I was having fun and in that sense I now feel a lot like I did when I did that record.

— Matthew Sweet

#did #feel #fun #had #having

I went to a rare live Van Dyke show and met him there. And then he came to a show of mine and we spoke back stage. The third time was at Brian Wilson's birthday party.

— Matthew Sweet

#birthday #birthday party #brian #came #dyke

It became a question of do I want to be on a label where it could take three years to put out a record instead of putting out three records over the same period of time on my own.

— Matthew Sweet

#could #i #instead #label #my own

It wasn't so much that I had to leave to make it in the music business as I was curious to be out on my own and sort of explore. I never felt that where I was ever influenced my songwriting.

— Matthew Sweet

#curious #ever #explore #felt #had

More labels should be like that. Instead of putting these records out myself, I should have just signed with them, but they probably don't like my music (laughs).

— Matthew Sweet

#instead #just #labels #laughs #like

The summer of 2002 at the Wilson birthday party I met Van Dyke again and I made plans to have dinner with him.

— Matthew Sweet

#birthday #birthday party #dinner #dyke #him

There are things that I value now that I didn't when I first went over there, like Zen Buddhism, which has become part of my life over the last couple years.

— Matthew Sweet

#buddhism #couple #first #i #last

About Matthew Sweet

Matthew Sweet Quotes

Did you know about Matthew Sweet?

In 1995 Sweet appeared on an episode of the series Space Ghost Coast to Coast. In 1991 Sweet released Girlfriend the retitled pop-rock album which was widely considered an artistic breakthrough and quickly garnered impressive U. In 2001 Sweet and Darius Rucker performed The Beach Boys song "Sail On Sailor" on the special A Tribute to Brian Wilson and both the musicians later performed the same song with Brian Wilson himself on Late Show with David Letterman.

He was part of the burgeoning Athens Georgia music scene in the early and mid-1980s before gaining commercial success during the early 1990s. Sidney Matthew Sweet (born October 6 1964 in Lincoln Nebraska) is an American alternative rock/power pop musician.

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