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For the normative self-understanding of modernity, Christianity has functioned as more than just a precursor or catalyst. Universalistic egalitarianism, from which sprang the ideals of freedom and a collective life in solidarity, the autonomous conduct of life and emancipation, the individual morality of conscience, human rights and democracy, is the direct legacy of the Judaic ethic of justice and the Christian ethic of love. This legacy, substantially unchanged, has been the object of a continual critical reappropriation and reinterpretation. Up to this very day there is no alternative to it. And in light of the current challenges of a post-national constellation, we must draw sustenance now, as in the past, from this substance. Everything else is idle postmodern talk.

Jürgen Habermas

#freedom #justice #politics #postmodernism #rights

He gains the farthest reaches where the ache of our most ancient absence lay.

Scott Cairns

#love #love

It must be the full confession by Christendom of Christendom's specific contribution to the sum of human cruelty and treachery.

C.S. Lewis

#love #love

I'll love him til he loves me best Me best of all, Maude Clare

Christina Rossetti

#love #maude-clare #rosetti #love

It is reasonable to love the Absolute absolutely for the same reason it is reasonable to love the relative relatively.

Peter Kreeft

#absolutism #catholicism #christianity #god #jesus-shock

Don’t let affluence make you impoverished of God.

Jon Bloom

#christianity #love-of-money #poverty #temptation #love

As a house can be only be built satisfactorily and durably when there is a foundation, and a picture can be painted only when there is something prepared to paint it on, so carnal love is only legitimate, reasonable, and lasting when it is based on the respect and love of one human being for another.

Leo Tolstoy

#christian-marriage #christianity #love #marriage #sex

The teaching that diminishes the urgency for reaching all the unreached peoples of the world with the only news that can save them is a teaching that opposes people. Listen to these severe words spoken by the apostle Paul about what it means to "oppose all mankind." He says that those who killed the Lord Jesus "drove us out, and displease God and oppose all mankind by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles that they might be saved" (1 Thess. 2:14-16). This is what people do who tell us that the nations don't need to hear about Jesus in order to be saved. They oppose all mankind. Oh, how we need to let the Bible define what love does!

John Piper

#missions #love

I "love" reading. It makes me feel like I am swallowing up Christ, Homer, Confucius, Newton, Franklin, Socrates, Caesar, and the whole world into one gigantic invincible Sir Moffat. Mine is creative reading. I read building empires in mind. I pray I won't read and read and forget to marry.

Moffat Machingura

#caeser #christ #christianity #confucius #consume

Love well, laugh often and live well for Christ.

Karen Kingsbury Leaving

#christianity #laught #love #love

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