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Karl Barth

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Prayer without study would be empty. Study without prayer would be blind.

— Karl Barth

#study #theology

In the Church of Jesus Christ there can and should be no non-theologians.

— Karl Barth

#church #jesus #jesus christ #should

Laughter is the closest thing to the grace of God.

— Karl Barth

#closest thing #god #grace #laughter #thing

Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace.

— Karl Barth

#find #grace #life #must #otherwise

It is always the case that when the Christian looks back, he is looking at the forgiveness of sins.

— Karl Barth

#back #case #christian #forgiveness #looking

It may be that when the angels go about their task praising God, they play only Bach. I am sure, however, that when they are together en famille they play Mozart.

— Karl Barth

#am #angels #bach #famille #go

Men have never been good, they are not good and they never will be good.

— Karl Barth

#good #men #never #will

The best theology would need no advocates; it would prove itself.

— Karl Barth

#itself #need #prove #theology #would

Jesus does not give recipes that show the way to God as other teachers of religion do. He is himself the way.

— Karl Barth

#does #give #god #himself #jesus

Conscience is the perfect interpreter of life.

— Karl Barth

#interpreter #life #perfect

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In literature
In John Updike's Roger's Version Roger Lambert is a professor of religion. Election
One of the most influential and controversial features of Barth's Dogmatics was his doctrine of election (Church Dogmatics II/2). Barth wrote a 1960 article for The Christian Century regarding the "East-West question" in which he denied any inclination toward Eastern communism and stated he did not wish to live under Communism or wish anyone to be forced to do so; he acknowledged a fundamental disagreement with most of those around him writing: "I do not comprehend how either politics or Christianity require or even permit such a disinclination to lead to the conclusions which the West has drawn with increasing sharpness in the past 15 years.

His influence expanded well beyond the academic realm to mainstream culture leading him to be featured on the cover of Time on April 20 1962. " The most prolific theologian of the twentieth century his theological thought emphasized the sovereignty of God particularly through his interpretation of the Calvinistic doctrine of election. The most accurate description of his work might be "a theology of the Word.

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