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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #degradation

but as he plodded along a vague and almost hallucinatory pall hazed over his mind; he found himself at one point, with no notion of how it could be, a step from an almost certain fatal cliffside fall—falling humiliatingly and helplessly, he thought; on and on, with no one even to witness it. Here there existed no one to record his or anyone else's degradation, and any courage or pride which might manifest itself here at the end would go unmarked: the dead stones, the dust-stricken weeds dry and dying, perceived nothing, recollected nothing, about him or themselves.

Philip K. Dick

#death #degradation #dying #oblivion #courage

The nature is continually conscious of every withdrawal from her body, as if it is a part of her flesh. The moment some thing is withdrawn it must be marked as ‘red’.

Priyavrat Thareja

#green #nature #nature

God's will has to be done, in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that.

Sarah Palin

#environmental-degradation #god #industry #palinisms #prayer

The global industrial economy is the engine for massive environmental degradation and massive human (and nonhuman) impoverishment.

Derrick Jensen

#entropy #environmental-degradation #global-industrial-economy #impoverishment #economy

Unless government appropriately regulates oil developments and holds oil executives accountable, the public will not trust them to drill, baby, drill. And we must!

Sarah Palin

#environmental-degradation #government #oil #regulation #united-states

As she uttered the words of the prayer, she glanced up at him as if he were God Himself. He watched her with growing pleasure. In front of him was kneeling the directress, being humiliated by a subordinate; in front of him a naked revolutionary was being humiliated by prayer; in front of him a praying lady was being humiliated by her nakedness. This threefold image of degradation intoxicated him and something unexpected suddenly happened: his body revoked its passive resistance. Edward was excited! As the directress said, 'And lead us not into temptation,' he quickly threw off all his clothes. When she said, 'Amen,' he violently lifted her off the floor and dragged her onto the couch.

Milan Kundera

#degradation #humiliation #lust #sex #love

It is very expensive to achieve high unreliability. It is not uncommon to increase the cost of an item by a factor of ten for each factor of ten degradation accomplished.

Norman Ralph Augustine

#achieve #cost #degradation #each #expensive

The people who abandon Jihad fall a victim to humility and degradation.

Abu Bakr

#degradation #fall #humility #jihad #people

Well, for starters, we have to do more to create demand for new technologies that can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and environmental degradation.

Sherwood Boehlert

#degradation #demand #dependence #environmental #foreign

I believe we need to attract a new generation of the best and brightest to public service and I believe that government can be a source of inspiration, not degradation.

Andrew Cuomo

#believe #best #brightest #degradation #generation

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