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In all likelihood fairies of larger stature were ancient gods in a state of decay, while their diminutive congeners were the swarming spirits of primitive imagination.

Lewis Spence

#faeries #faery #fairy #fey #imagination

Catch me, Seth," she invited. He paused. "Faeries chase," he said, an then , with a flirtatious smile, he turned away, but before he could take a second step, she was behind him, arms around him, lips pressed against his neck. "I seem caught," he murmured. The Summer Queen whispered, "Me too." And They fell together in a bed of flowers that now covered the floor

Melissa Marr

#paranormal-romance #romance #love

I didn't want to fight with him. And yet I could not promise him what I most wanted to give - my love, the promise that I would stay with him in the Winter Court, that I would throw caution aside and be with him.

Kailin Gow

#romance #love

But with me, you are never just a spring faerie.

Aprilynne Pike

#illusions #laurel #tamani #wings #spring

Let her alone,' said the enkanto, 'or I will curse you blind, lame, and worse.' The old man laughed. 'I'm a curse breaker, fool.' The elf grabbed one of the Jim Beam bottles from the table and slammed it down, so that he was holding a jagged glass neck. The elf smiled a very thin smile. 'Then I won't bother with magic.

Holly Black

#faeries #faery #fairyland #fay #the-night-market

What did the Faerie that attacked you look like?" "Super creepy. Ripped jeans, weird tattoos, bad hair. And, come to think of it, really nice boots..." "Where?" "On his feet." Sonny winced and rubbed his temples. "Where were you attacked, Kelley?" "Okay, see...that was a joke.

Lesley Livingston

#faeries #humor #humor

Perhaps you had better watch your back, stupid glowy golden faerie man whore" He frowned at me. "That made no sense" "Good! Now maybe I can join your club

Kiersten White

#evie #faeries #humor #light-and-dark #reth

He put his forehead against hers. “Alannah, my heart is yours.” He said softly. “And yet, I must hand it over to someone else for the keeping.” Her last words falling to a strained whisper.

B.C. Morin

#faeries #honor #hurt #love #pain

It would be nice to report she lived happily ever after till the end of her days. But such cheap, cop-out one-liners belong to other uncomplicated fairy tales.

Jennifer Silverwood

#fantasy-fiction #paranormal-romance-faeries #fantasy-fiction

He might be out of her skin, but she'd left him as something other than what he'd been before- not moral, but not strong enough to deserve the title of Dark King.

Melissa Marr

#faeries #ink-exchange #irial #love

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