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His words were still clear in her mind from that first meeting. "Whoever eats this will love you." She looked into the mirror, at her birthmark, bright as blood, at her kiss-stung lips, at the absurd smile stretching across her face. Carefully separating out the crushed pieces of shell, she pulled the dried pulp free from its cage of veins. Piece by piece, she put the sweet brown fruit in her own mouth and swallowed it down.

Holly Black

#holly-black #night-market #the-poison-eaters #love

Will you be my forever, Donia?

Melissa Marr

#paranormal-romance #romance #love

Double Sword Tavern.” Tristan said, reading out loud. “Sounds charming and inviting.

B.C. Morin

#funny #sarcasm-humor #funny

Perhaps you had better watch your back, stupid glowy golden faerie man whore" He frowned at me. "That made no sense" "Good! Now maybe I can join your club

Kiersten White

#evie #faeries #humor #light-and-dark #reth

He put his forehead against hers. “Alannah, my heart is yours.” He said softly. “And yet, I must hand it over to someone else for the keeping.” Her last words falling to a strained whisper.

B.C. Morin

#faeries #honor #hurt #love #pain

The riders, too, were like nothing she had ever seen before: ethereal men and women with pale visages, their cheekbones so sharply sculpted that she could see their skulls through translucent skin. They surrounded her and looked at her with steely blue eyes, each gaze an arrow staking her to that spot, and she could not close her eyes though the sight of them made her eyes burn as if she were looking at the sun.

Malinda Lo

#faeries #fairies #the-fair-folk #men

October twenty-second..." Lee read, trailing off as she reached the year. Her insides went cold. She whirled around, her voice quavering. "What is this? Don't screw with me!" "What is it?" Nasser asked? "The date is wrong." He knew it, of course. He had to know. "How wrong?" "Seven years wrong!" Lee shrieked. "What is this? Where am I?" Nasser opened his mouth, but all that came out was a series of stammers. Filo glared at him, then turned to Lee. "You want to know what's happening?" "Yes," Lee sobbed, nodding feebly. "Please." "Okay," Filo offered. "What do you know about faeries?

Kaye Thornbrugh


When I walk, I walk with you. Where I go, you're with me always.

Alice Hoffman

#family #fiction #love #the-story-sisters #family

In my view the study of fairy origins assumes a greater degree of importance than popular opinion is wont to concede to it. Indeed, the ideas associated with it strike at the very roots of human belief and primitive methods of reasoning. It is scarcely to be questioned that the explanation of fairy origins is of the utmost value to the better comprehension of primitive religion. Later it will be made clear that, for the writer at least, the whole tradition of Faerie reveals quite numerous and excellent proofs of its former existence as a primitive and separate cult and faith, more particularly as regards its appearance and tradition in these islands.

Lewis Spence

#faerie #faeries #fairy #fey #primitive-men

Some discussion of the nature and temperament of the fairies is necessary in view of its possible bearing on their origin. J. G. Campbell tells us that in the Highlands of Scotland they were regarded as "the counterparts of mankind, but substantial and unreal, outwardly invisible." They differ from mortals in the possession of magical power, but are strangely dependent in many ways on man. They are generally considered by the folk at large as of a nature between spirits and men. "They are," says Wentz, "a distinct race between our own and that of spirits.

Lewis Spence

#faeries #faery #fairy #fey #men

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