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Everybody! This is my cousin right here, and he just dethroned God's gift to Women - Griffin

S.C. Stephens

#funny-quotes #griffin #hilarious #humor #funny

When last I checked, you were a sorcerer, not a Jedi." "You've seen Star Wars?" "Seen it and denounced it." "You've denounced Star Wars?" She looked me straight in the eye and said, "Hollywood should not glorify witches." "I think you've missed the point..." "I also denounce Harry Potter." "Really?" "Yes." "Because..." "...because literature, especially children's literature, should not glorify witches." "Oda, what do you do for fun?" She thought about it, then said, without a jot of humor, "I denounce things.

Kate Griffin

#harry-potter #kate-griffin #star-wars #the-midnight-mayor #humor

I'm not saying that there weren't other inherent problems with the score that couldn't have been overcome with a bit of remixing, but why did they ask me to do it, and why did Griffin ask me to do it this way, for a film that had nothing to do with American vernacular?

Michael Nyman

#ask #been #bit #did #film

Griffin, my brother, 11 months younger, was sometimes the victim of my father's fury - once Ryan famously knocked out his teeth.

Tatum O'Neal

#father #fury #griffin #his #knocked

Griffin leaned across the desk, his arms braced on the now-clear top, and stared into Wakefield’s outraged eyes. “We seem to be under a confusion of communication. I did not come here to ask for your sister’s hand. I came to tell you I will marry Hero, with or without your permission, Your Grace. She has lain with me more than once. She may well be carrying my child. And if you think that I’ll give up either her or our babe, you have not done nearly enough research into my character or history.

Elizabeth Hoyt

#griffinlordsexy #notorious-pleasures #communication

Griffin? You ever heard of knocking?” Griffin sniffed and tucked his chin-length hair behind his ears. “We’re family, dude, I don’t need to knock.” I sighed, not sure if Kellan could argue that point or not—not since Griffin had impregnated my sister. He really was family now. Lord help me.

S.C. Stephens

#kellan-kyle #family

This is life, the one you get so go and have a ball, because the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have my opening statement..sit ubu sit. Good dog.

Seth MacFarlane

#opening-statement #peter-griffin #family

Whoever had said in the guidebooks that the bum bag was a sensible device against theft had lied; no single item of dressware ever invented cried out "mug me" more than a pouch of zip-up plastic suspended by your groin.

Kate Griffin

#fanny-pack #humor #kate-griffin #the-midnight-mayor #humor

I'm only trying to pull my own weight. I don't want to be a liability.' She reached out, smiling. 'And I would imagine I'll still be required to maintain close contact with you while I learn. At least in the beginning.' He looked at their joined hands before turning his eyes to hers, a slow smile spreading across his own lips. 'It would be, ahem, wise to maintain physical contact while learning, that is true.

Michelle Zink

#griffin #griffin-channing #helen #helen-cartwright #michelle-zink

Whatever happened next, good or bad, it would be wonderful finding out.

Kate Griffin

#adventure #kate-griffin #life #life

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