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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #happily

It was a place that is trying to destroy the individual by every means possible; trying to break his spirit, so that he accepts that he is No. 6 and will live there happily as No. 6 for ever after. And this is the one rebel that they can't break.

Patrick McGoohan

#after #break #destroy #ever #ever after

I love that very traditional fairy tale where it's not all 'happily ever after.' I like all that old school, bloody, 'Brothers Grimm' sort of stuff. So you have all those shades of gray in there.

Erin Morgenstern

#bloody #brothers #ever #ever after #fairy

The relationship between a manufacturer and his advertising agency is almost as intimate as the relationship between a patient and his doctor. Make sure that you can life happily with your prospective client before you accept his account.

David Ogilvy

#account #advertising #advertising agency #agency #almost

There's a personal story of my own that I will write at some point, and it's a film that I will happily make. It could very well be the next thing I do, unless someone shows me something great.

Harold Ramis

#film #great #happily #i #i do

I moved to Lucerne, where I have lived happily with my family ever since.

Carl Spitteler

#family #happily #i #lived #moved

I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral.

Robert Louis Stevenson

#churches #favorite #great #happily #i

We live in an ascending scale when we live happily, one thing leading to another in an endless series.

Robert Louis Stevenson

#ascending #endless #endless series #happily #leading

Every fairy tale, it seems, concludes with the bland phrase "happily ever after." Yet every couple I have ever known would agree that nothing about marriage is forever happy. There are moments of bliss, to be sure, and lengthy spans of satisfied companionship. Yet these come at no small effort, and the girl who reads such fiction dreaming her troubles will end ere she departs the altar is well advised to seek at once a rational women to set her straight.

Catherine Gilbert Murdock

#happily-ever-after #humor #marriage #dreams

Happily ever after?" "If justice doesn't triumph and love doesn't make the circle in entertainment fiction, what's the point? Real life sucks too often.

Nora Roberts

#happily-ever-after #life

The same as real life, there is no happily ever after.

Chuck Palahniuk


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